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    Dr. Caroline Khi Yu May - ACJ Woman Clinic

    me too me too... and she is very gentle in doing tests too, that is one thing I like.. wont feel to anxious and scare.
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    Dr. Caroline Khi Yu May - ACJ Woman Clinic

    hI Cheng0605, welcome... Hope the info help..
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    Dr. Caroline Khi Yu May - ACJ Woman Clinic

    oh btw, if u want to sign up stemcord for the cordblood banking, Dr Khi's clinic got cheaper rate for registration. In 2007 when I sign up, reg only 1k that time, so when U sign up from ACJ's clinic, reg only $800. In 2009 when I sign up again, reg was $1070 I paid only $856. U have to...
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    Dr. Caroline Khi Yu May - ACJ Woman Clinic

    She delivered both my children! My first appointment with her was for pap smear actually. She is soft spoken and nice, and so I decided I want her to deliver my children when Im pregnent. For the optional tests, she will ask us to think over and decide again, if we want to then call the nurse to...
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    Anybody like to watch Hong Kong TVB Drama Serials?

    I like I like. Im following the "EU" 9pm. but mostly watch the 12am repeat or the sunday full 5 episode de.. anyone watch anot?
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    hello and welcome
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    hello and welcome
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    Hi All

    hello and welcome Junior Leow, congrats too! My first also a boy =D
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    Hi Family Club

    hello and welcome!
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    Hello everyone

    hello and welcome malowin!
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    Hello Everybody...

    hello and welcome Hapmum!
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    hello and welcome!
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    Birthday Cakes - For Kids of all ages

    Hi Janice, taste not bad. =D
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    Pneumococcal jab via medisave

    Fei zai shui is the Gripe water
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    After taking the MMR jab?

    Hi Mummy to Baby, is his gum red and swolleb? If he does, u can apply the teething gel for him, very effective. Its Bonjela (blue color), can get from Guardian or any pharmacy.