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    Medela Freestyle Hands-free Breast pump

    Hello Is this sold? Interested to buy. (97977637) Thanks!
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    Random: 'bad' smells at work

    :( I was smelling Feng you the whole day yesterday. Really buay tahan the smell. Ya. Cannot understand how people use perfume. How did they make the perfume last so long and so strong??? Anyways, I went to get a small fan to put on my table. Seems to work a bit. Still trying to figure out which...
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    Random: 'bad' smells at work

    I went searching for some essential oils or something like that to put at my desk. But was told by the lady that I shouldn't be smelling essential oils as well. :( So I went to get a bottle of 'feng you'. Think the fan is a good idea. Can use it to circulate the air and blow away the bad smell.
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    Random: 'bad' smells at work

    Hi mummies and mummies to be I have a small problem at work. My colleagues wears this particular perfume to work everyday. And because my nose gets really sensitive now, I cannot stand the smell. She sits rather near me so I can smell her perfume all the time. Any suggestions to what I can do...
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    traveling soon. worried. any advice?

    I'll be at 14 weeks when traveling and will be gone for 1 week. As 14 weeks is just past the first tri to the second, I can't help but be worried. Thanks for your replies and advice!
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    traveling soon. worried. any advice?

    Hi mummies and mums to be I'll be traveling for work soon. Will be 14 weeks during the week of travel. Am rather worried and I don't want to put any harm on baby. Destination is to Europe. Does anyone here have a similar experience? Your advice or comment is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Feeding on demand versus schedule

    Mt A parentcraft centre taught me to: during the day: feed on demand, but never to let the interval between feeds to exceed 4 hours at night: let the baby wake you to feed. so if baby sleeps past 4 hours, let him/her be... to know if my baby is hungry, i will stick my finger (clean one of...
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    Sterilising breast pump at work

    I soak the parts in hot water after each pump. Yes. The tablets does have a smell. I used the Pigeon ones before. But since its safe for baby use, should be ok i guess. Also read somewhere that you can keep the parts in the fridge until the next pump. My colleague uses the Medela bag, where...
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    Sippy Cup

    Using the Avent sippy cup. Gave my girl both the soft and the hard spout. And she doesn't like both. Let her try the straw before... but she doesn't know how to suck using the straw. Shall I just let her be?
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    Setting breasting routine

    Yes. milk flow and supply can be slower towards the end of the day... This can be explained by the fact that you are not as well rested during that time, so milk production slow down and hence, it affects the supply and the flow. But usually babies will want to latch more or longer so that...
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    Light at the end of the tunnel?

    Hi, Congrats and welcome to motherhood. When my baby was about 3 weeks old, she was also cluster feeding like mad! I was literally stuck with her from 6-ish pm to 9-ish pm, with less than an hour in between. So, don't fret. I was doing a bit of reading while I was going through this period...
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    latch or express? dilemma!!

    Hey Felicity Don't have much input to provide you here. Just wanna tell you to JIA YOU! and hang in there. Do what best suits you and your baby, whether is latch or express. And remember, your baby will out-grow this phase and things will get better... Gambatte!!!
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    Setting breasting routine

    Then sounds like your baby is not crying for milk. She could be crying for other stuff... colic, attention, a hug, could be bored, too hot, too cold... Maybe some rocking, singing may help...
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    What food must avoid if breastfeed?

    Avoid ginger if baby has jaundice. Alcohol that is cooked is ok. Was told by PD to avoid raw fish as long as you are bf-ing. All others in moderation.
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    Setting breasting routine

    No use setting a routine, as your baby will probably not follow it. Feed on demand is better. Helps you to establish your supply. Keep a record of when your baby is hungry and wants to feed. From there, you will be able to see a routine/cycle. And you can work around that.