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    Looking for tutor for my sec sch kid

    Hi Are you still looking for tutor for your daughter for Sec 2 Maths and Science? I can recommend you a few good and reliable tutors.
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    Wanted opinions on a tuition centre

    Hi RayRay, I had heard about MindChamp and I am sure the fees is sky high. My cousin atteneded when he is in Primary Two, not much visible improvements being noticed and so my uncle stop sending him there. I would say it all depends on individuals and the learning ability of the children as he...
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    Restaurant that serves buffet

    hi pink_daisy I have heard about Sakura. My frenz told me the food not bad, price also not bad.. (think 30-40 for dinner) haha Anyway, enjoy your dinner on sunday.:tlaugh:
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    Restaurant that serves buffet

    i see. I have tried some steamboat buffet. but often my frenz will suggest it.. so abit sianz le.
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    Restaurant that serves buffet

    budget 20 - 30
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    Looking for chinese home tutor

    Hi Limsc74 I am currently giving 1-1 higher chinese tuition to Primary 2, 4 and Primary 6 students. Interested, you may contact me at 92233487. Results Guaranteed Thanks.
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    Maths tutor for special need student

    Hi Sunflower07 I thinks the most important is that your sister must be patient with her. Try using more real life examples to explain the mathematical concepts with her. By this way, she might be able to understand it much easier. For example, May has 10 apples. Jane has two more apples than...
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    Restaurant that serves buffet

    Hi Pineapple tart Thanks for your reco. but $42 is abit too ex.
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    Restaurant that serves buffet

    Hi all, Any nice and cheap restaurants that serves buffet to recommend? Do share with me. Thanks.
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    looking for a tutor for my K2 daughter

    Hi May I know what subjects would you like the tutor to teach? What is your budget?
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    P4 Maths questions

    The answer is 3300. Sometimes, answer sheet could be wrong. It is best not to rely on answer sheet too much.
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    Dear mummies, Just a brief introduction of myself, I am Sophine who is currently working as an Education Consultant and as a part time tutor as well. As an Education Consultant cum tutor, I am responsible in providing quality private tuition services and conducting non academic private classes...