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    Eczema During pregnancy

    Just don't scratch yourself!
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    How to prevent sperm from flowing out?

    Didn't know there are some methods for it...
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    Steam Moist Chocolate Cake (Taste like Lana Chocolate Cake)

    Wow, nice one, i'll try it!
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    Looking for Personal Loans?

    There is some limits? Cause when i took a loan in this way like i called and told i needed a loan and i gave my data etc and yes, they gave me a loan but i found out that loan repayment was too high and rates were high so i paid them back and took a loan from another bank. That bank was really...
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    Where to buy cheap winter clothing??

    I think better go in a mall and buy there.
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    Milk Powder, Low Fat Milk, Fresh Milk which is better for pregnancy??

    I think it depends on your taste and body but better would be low fat milk.
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    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    I agree but with no boring add.
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    Any advice for the New born Formula milk powder

    I think better give cow's milk.
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    I didn't have but it sounds a little bit weird