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    WTB Receipts of NAN® PRO 2 (800g), NAN® GRO 3 (800g), or NAN® KID 4 (900g)

    Hi, I looking for receipts of NAN® PRO 2 (800g), NAN® GRO 3 (800g), or NAN® KID 4 (900g). Only looking for receipts for purchases made between 1st and 30th September 2013 @ NTUC, Coldstorage, Gaint, Sheng Song or Guidance pharmacy. You dun have to give me the whole receipts, you and cut away...
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    To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, etc)

    Re: To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, Hi stonston I'd like to tag along too. Shall I pm you or post here? :001_302:
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    PT maid needed in Yishun..

    Hi, i staying in woodland, i also looking for a PT maid. Are you using Win? can you kindly pm me about her? Tks.
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    Multivitamin for 1 yr

    the GNC vitamin is $55 per bottle and from the dosage, i think it only last for 1 mth. Vitakid is too far from my house. Can anyone recommend me something that is around $20+ and can be easily buy from Unity? Tks
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    Multivitamin for 1 yr

    My ger is turning 1 year old in 3 weeks time. Currently, i giving her Appeton infant drop. Can any mummies here recommend me any vitamin drop for kid 1 year and above? Tks!
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    hi, my ger is turning 9mth next week. i would like to intro tofu to her. if i buy the silken tofu from ntuc, can i steam, puree and store in the freeze and take them out when i needed? Or i steam whatever i need everytime when i feed her? how should i keep the rest of the tofu? As she has...
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    Good TCM Doctor ???

    Hi, I would like to share my experience here. just to state i not saying TCM is useless. After my 1st MC in 2006, i went to see xia rong @ Yu ren seng @ Paragon. Her fee is ex and as she only come to singapore a week a mth, so need to take one 1 mth med which cost coming to at least 200...
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    Which baby cereal?

    My ger just turn 7 mth. I start her on cereal when she is 6mth. I start her on Heinz. She took it well but only for 2 weeks. As i put her in infant care, the teacher told me that she is rejecting Heniz cereal after 2 weeks of feed. Thus they give her their in house rice cereal. They are...
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    Clomid success

    Normal gyane will give us 1 pill to try first. then when on the 21st day, take blood test to see if we are ovulating. If the blood test show you are not ovulating, the gynae will increase the dosage, which mean to 2 pills. and again blood test is needed to comfirm that you are ovulating. I...
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    How long does your baby recover from cough

    My ger who is 5 and the half mth old is having flu and cough. She start to liu pi ti when she come back from infant care last friday. She did not have cough at that time. Bring her to kidlink on sat and was given nose drop and a bottle of cough mixture for cough and phlegm. Her pi ti come...
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    Qn on Enfalac milk powder

    i also encounter that. i also just shake the bottle. My ger now drink 135, so 4 and half scoop. Just add more hot water will do.
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    Clomid success

    I got preg 3 times (2 MC) on clomid. And i always strike it on the first time (after MC i stop for a 6 mth and try again). However, i only took 2 pills.
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    Which baby cereal?

    i did a check on the nutrtions facts of the different brands of cereal in ntuc. However i found that nestle have the higher iron compare to other brand. thus is nestle a better brand? Where can i buy healthy times baby jars?
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    Which baby cereal?

    My ger is turning 6 mth soon and is going to start on cereal. Can mummies tell me which brand and which type of cereal are you giving your baby? can also tell why you feeding bb that brand? Too many type of cereal in the market, dun know which one is good. When feeding bb cereal, do i need...