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    Supermom baby fair August 2017

    A one stop fair for all parents, authentic brands and direct companies will be at the fair (such as - Pigeon, Philips, Fisher Price, Bugaboo ) Worry about counterfeit items, taobao items at local prices? Dont worry, at Supermom Baby Fair in August, these will not be of your concern as all items...
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    Free Dumex Goodie Bag

    Expecting your first child or second child or even third? Would you like a free dumex goodie bag? Sign up over here now!
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    Supermom Pregnancy Seminar - 15 July 2017

    Upcoming seminar at Mandarin Orchard hotel. Free goodie bag worth $100 per mummy! (or per couple) More details as follow! See you there!
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    Supermom Baby Fair - 25 to 27 August

    Join us at the upcoming Baby Fair in August with up to 90% discounts off items. Purchase early bird vouchers to offset costs for items. Starbuys catalogue rolling out slowly - Click here for more details!
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    Stay at home work can really earn money in Singapore

    Hi all SAHM, please contact me for a job offer. Just need to have simple social media skills and a smartphone. Free milk powder and goodie bags available
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    Formula milk powder advice

    first 6 mths mothers are encouraged to breastfeed if possible, if not there are many choices available. you can consider Dumex Mamil Gold Dumex’s Mamil Gold has a range of formulas suitable for babies through to 6-year-olds. In addition to containing the highest amount of prebiotics among all...
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    Looking for baby products websites

    Its better to have a feel of the items you are buying instead of purchasing online? There are many baby fairs throughout the year. The next big fair is coming in August. Details below :) Supermom Baby Fair Suntec City Convention Hall Level 4 Aug 25 - Aug 27 Many discounts for premium items...
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    Maternal milk powder samples

    Sharing the love for Dumex maternal milk powder! Redeem your samples here!
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    Supermom Pregnancy Seminar - 27 May 2017

    Back for the 2nd year running, SuperMom welcomes all expecting & parents-to-be to sign up for the LARGEST Pregnancy Countdown Seminar! Join us as we celebrate your pregnancy & countdown to the start of a life-changing parenthood experience! Part seminar, part games/activities you get to...
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    2017 EDD whatsapp groups

    Hello all mummies, if you are expecting a child this year and will like to join our whatsapp group please feel free to contact me via PM :) Please also join us on the following pages on Facebook! :) We are PREGNANT! (Singapore)...