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    WTS:BN fossil wallet

    Brand new fossil wallet for sale! Pls pm for pics thank you
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    Fossil wallet!

    Brand new fossil wallet for sale!
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    Hi sorry for the really late reply. Wonder what was your final decision? Nope i'm not a mummy...

    Hi sorry for the really late reply. Wonder what was your final decision? Nope i'm not a mummy but i work & help out at different centers so i kinda know what's it like inside. Yep agree united montesorri overcrowded. Too many kids in one class (dont think this is good even if the ratio is 1:5...
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    babies from hell?

    Agree with the reward system but you will also have to be very consistent and fair if not jealousy between the 2 may occur. Don't worry you are not alone, and anyway they are in their well known "terrible twos" and you have 2 of them. All the best. Kids learn fast, teach them young and you...
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    Play yard or Playpen??

    Yeah depends on every individual child but average i think 15 mths? Then they would wanna be outta that thing. And also if you leave him there all day he will get bored of it sooner. Walker is a good idea but do be very careful, don't leave things lying around he might trip and topple over. And...
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    Play yard or Playpen??

    How old is your child? If he's still an infant below 6 mths, play yard maybe good, can use for longer time but that does not necessary mean he will like it in the play yard too. Playpen if he's still about 6 mths he would out grow it sooon, I think the best is to child proof your house and...
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    Need some advice on Childcare.

    Agree with diymummy.If you can afford it and it's not too far off, and better why not? It's like paying for better quality and you can put your mind at ease knowing your child is in good hands in the center. Now you are like paying to sit in together with your son. I think the center abit too...
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    Need some advice on Childcare.

    The teachers ask you to bring your child back?! What kinda center is that? Isn't it their job to care for your kid while you are at work? If you can and want to, it would be good to stay at home to look after your kid. If not, another center?
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    How does your toddler fall asleep at night?

    If she can KO easily now, might as well start early! Take away the carrying part,once she grows older it will be really tiring carrying her especially if she refuses to sleep. Now just carry on with your usual routine, pat her and then leave her to sleep. The earlier you start, the easier it...
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    Any aid-free sleep solution for 1 yr baby?

    Let him have a security blanket/bolster. Have a bedtime routine for him. Eg: Read a short story, turn on soothing music, you say goodnite,leave the room. It may be hard at first but consistency helps!
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    Grandparents = Disciplinarian?

    I think it will be best if grandparents and parents have a simlilar disciplining method and if one is disciplining, the other does not interfere. This way the kid will not be confused. but it's very unlikely the grandparents would cooperate and i guess if the grandparents are the only one around...
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    Need some advice on Childcare.

    Yeah most importantly which center is better? After shortlisting(which you have already done) then consider between the options and choose again. I think you should start your son on CC/playgroup soon so that he will be able to adapt better. If you send him only when the NB arrives it would be...
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    part time maid vs infant care

    Agree with but if your parents / in laws can't help out as they are still working/busy etc etc.. Then i think infant care would be a better choice compared to having a maid. But maid will be cheaper but comparing both i think infant care though more ex, baby will be safer compared to...
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    What to look for when hiring a maid

    I think it's really hard to determine if a maid is good or not until you try her out which is VERY risky. Besides this if there is good recommendation from a trusted friend then probably she is good or from a trusted agency the likelihood of getting a good maid is higher but not 100%. I guess...
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    Working mummies with a maid

    Don't worry much as your child will definitely know who's the mum and being attatched to your maid is only temporary.Also i gues your child seeks security whenever you are not around but when u are around i m sure he would prefer you over the maid( unless you are trying to discipline him of cos...