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    Selling baby cot/playpen

    Hi! I'm selling my baby cot/ play pen. Lightly used. Clean and good condition. Email me at if interested. Thank you!
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    How to lose weight while breastfeeding?

    My baby is 3 months plus and I've lost about 6kg now. I breastfeed baby with no formula supplementation. I read somewhere that breastfeeding burns lots of fats so we slim down faster. I also eat healthily too. I'm vegetarian so my meals have lots of veggies although I also enjoy sweet stuff once...
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    For 2nd Time mummy, when did your milk come?

    Hi mummy! I was breastfeeding my older child who was coming 2 years until the last trimester of pregnancy so my breasts have milk all along. The supply was very very little though. I had colostrum and quite a lot on first day of delivery, and became engorged by 2nd week. I can pump out about...
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    Milk Bleb -- need to do anything?

    A white spot? Do you experience blocked ducts? I had a white spot and blocked ducts. Rather painful. For me, I just allow my baby to keep sucking and I also use warm water to shower and massage the affected breast. If your baby dun suck very well yet, u can try pumping. No need to prick with...
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    Any breast feed mom out there?

    Discard the formula. Just latch baby on. Don't worry and keep positive and don't keep wondering how much baby is drinking and whether that's enough. Just latch. If u keep giving formula milk after every feed, its difficult for your body to adjust milk supply to ur baby's needs, and difficult for...
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    Weaning from breast and night weaning

    hi mummy, I have successfully weaned my 20 month old off Breastmilk n night feeds. He's still in the process of getting used to it but its slowly getting better. My hubby sleeps in the same room with him now (diff beds) instead of me so that he won't smell the milk n got up crying for it. as...
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    Is breastmilk still possible to increase?

    Yah, by that time, the amount of breastmilk will more or less be the amount ur baby usually takes it. Its demand and supply so how freq u pump or latch baby determines the supply. Around that time I get less engorgement too coz breastmilk stablisises to the amount my baby demands. But then the...
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    2.5 Toddler after dinner & Milk not full

    Does it happen recently only? Maybe its a growth spurt? My son had a growth spurt pattern. He will suddenly take a big interest in eating and then he will suddenly reduce eating in take and sleep a lot and then goes back to normal. Last for a few weeks.
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    Is breastmilk still possible to increase?

    I think latching on baby is the best way to maintain milk supply during the first few months after child birth. I concentrated on latching most of the time to get baby to get used to latching and to stimulate breasts. Pumps are after all, not as good as baby's latching. Nature build us this way...
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    BF babies are smaller & lighter

    Re: BF babies are smaller & lighter I think my baby was around that weight too. We went for check up at polyclinic and he's always at the 50th percentile. He's also drinking lots of milk and very active and energetic, but he doesn't like solid food at that time. The grandparents like to...
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    want to conceive without stopping breastfeeding

    Do u go back to gynae's clinic for a pap smear and ultrasound scan of uterus one year after childbirth? Actually we should do that every year for our health. Especially since you want to conceive again. During my check up, gynae scanned and told me it won't be easy for me to conceive but yet, I...
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    Dr Geraldine Tan - High Delivery and Attendance Fees?!

    That's not a gd reason to charge patients at a higher rate! Due to construction?! I think my gynae also charge quite high but its bcoz my delivery wasn't easy, was assisted n waited abt 7 hr for cervix to dilate but once ready, baby was pushed out quite fast as I was fully dilated. I don't...
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    EDD August 2013

    mt Alvernia has construction now so u can take this into consideration whether u r ok with it. There's no or limited parking lots in Mt A.
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    Weaning Breastmilk

    I was still Breastfeeding baby when I got my period back. He's abt 13 month old when my period started. When bb starts to drink less milk n eat more solids, I guess our body will start to ovulate.
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    EDD August 2013

    Hi! Congrats! It matters more what u eat than how much u eat. I also have lots of craving n worse, for sweet sweet things! for normal meals, we try to eat healthy food like cooked green veg, brown rice, etc but can satisfy our cravings in small amount for sweet treats few times a week.