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  • Sorry for the late reply. My daughter is now 4 and she is now at another Kindergarten (as she was registered to her current kindergarten which is without Pre-nursery level before enrolling into Centre of New Life) Yet from the 1 year she is at Centre of New Life Pre-Nursery, she enjoyed the teachers and the activities.
    The 3-hour is sectioned into Music time (30mins), Mealtime (breakfast/lunch depends on session), 45mins English, 30mins free play time, 45mins Chinese.
    Think that the curriculum is adequate. During holidays, the school also provide some enrichment classes like Chinese, Cooking and Robotics.
    My daughter still talks about her "old" school and friends. She likes going to school after a 2 weeks of adjustment. I don't think the curriculum is stressful as it is just Pre-Nursery level. But for Nursery and K1 & K2, I'm not sure of the curriculum. From what I gather from the moms of K1, they start spelling test at K1. Same with most kindergarten...

    Hope this helps....
    Centre of New Life Kindergarten (Jurong West)

    Hi Makarios,

    understand your kid is with this kindergarten? How old is she? Hows the curriculum? Does she like it? I'm looking for my kid 3yrs old next yr. Does your kid feel stressful going to the school?

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