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  • hi there. i saw a post you made one year ago (yea kinda late i know) about engaging your child in an art class. its easy to find a child who enjoys art but hard to help maintain or even create the interest there.
    im an art educator and has been trained in the arts for 4years.

    i dont't know if your child is still into the arts but just wanna comment if that's still true.. do keep it up.
    dont't let that passion go off.
    in the future if he ever enters a sch with O lvl art.. he can consider taking it because
    once the basics are there. its an A straight in the pocket.

    it may still seem far but if you are interested in looking for someone to coach art for your child,
    i do offer private 1-on-1 tutoring. purely arts.
    i dont't have a studio yet and am staying in sengkang. willing to travel.

    if you are interested, do hit the reply button. looking forward to your prompt reply.

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