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    Doing it will be then best decision in your life. It make everything easier without spec.
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    Eyebrow emboidery

    What's the pain level?? I feel like doing...yet scared of the pain.
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    Any one with good chinese tutors or tution centers to recomend

    Thanks mummies for some of your good recommendation. I managed to find one. My boy is enjoyin the language now.
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    Do the schoolbag of your children be very heavy?

    Any good strong bags to recommend for teen? Looking for one for my nephew...just entered sec 1.
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    Free 2010 to 2013 primary exam papers

    Thanks for informing. Are these free for download?
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    Dark Eye Circle

    Mine is quite bad....any good concealer to recommend as well? I tried quite a few...can't really hide leh.
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    Natural skin moisturizer?

    Hi, where can I buy the coconut oil? Any brand to recommend? Thanks!
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    how I moisturize my skin

    Ohh...anyone tried the body cream of bath and body works? Think of trying...
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    Any good chinese tutors?

    Hi mummies, do you have any recommendation for Punggol area? I'm looking for one, prefer small group. Thanks.
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    Science tuition

    Nowadays different schools start different topics, how to find a tuition centre which cater to this? Any suggestions?
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    How couple manage their finances

    Well, we have our own accounts and a joint one for household expenses.hubby settles kids educational expenses.
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    Eat More and Lose Weight, You Can Do it!

    Interesting. Do u eat these with your meals?
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    My new energy boost, also helping me to keep active *

    Good move.'s tough to live with my mojo.....
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    Alkaline Water

    Did some research it also help the body for slimming. lemon is also alkaline in nature. Can take it with lemon and honey.
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    Any mummies looking for Chinese tutor? I got a recommendation!

    Hi mummies, I'm seeking Chinese for my P3 son. Any good recommendation? I heard of the great jump from P2 to P3.... Hope can have some good recommendation.