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    Maternity Nursing Bra and Apparels from $5.90

    Maternity Nursing Bras and Apparels from $5.90 Various designs and colours available for sale Interested Mommies may visit us at MommySg Maternity Nursing Bras Pants Kidswear Thank you.
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    recommendation on nursing cover?

    I have some for sale at my web-store (Pls PM me if you interested, not sure whether I can share openly here). Thank you.
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    Nursing rooms in Sg

    Thank u for sharing!! Great Info!!
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    EDD Feb & Mar 2015

    Hi Mommies, ALL the Best!! I am a 2014 Jan Mommy. Kind of reminiscing 365 days ago, all the anticipation and all :) Anyway, I have started my own maternity nursing bra and apparels web-space If interested, please visit MommySg Maternity Nursing Bras Pants Kidswear Thank you. JIAYOU JIAYOU!!
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    Found Out I Am Pregnant Last Night

    Congrats!! While, I didn't take much notice of darker nipples. But my swollen feet became quite bad from 3rd tri onwards. I had to change all my shoes cox no longer fits.
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    KKH versus Thomson Medical Center - busting myths

    Nice post. I delivered both my babies at KKH too and the staff are really nice.
  7. M new mummy to be...any recomendation for gynae around sengkang?Thanks!!

    Both my friends recommended Dr Adrian Woodworth. He got a clinic at the SK interchange. He also delivers at Thomson Medical.
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    Maternity Nursing Bras and Apparels 19-04-2015

    Maternity Nursing bras and apparels from S$5.90 Various designs and colours available (underwire/non-wire) Please visit us at MommySg Maternity Nursing Bras Pants Kidswear
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    20, not married & pregnant.

    Hi gal, no need to be bothered with what your colleagues say or think. Because no matter what, people are bound to gossip. After talking, they will move on to other things to say.
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    Pelvic pains

    No worry, it is quite natural. I can't walk much especially the last 2 weeks. Maybe shopping might distract away the pain, but once sit down sure super pain. Especially when shopping, tends to get carried away. Rem to sit down often especially every 45-60mins.
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    do you think its safe to dye your hair during pregnancy?

    I only dye and rebond hair in my 3rd trimester. I feel that its too risky in 1st or 2nd trimester.
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    Dr. Wee Horng Yen

    Same here. It was a tough decision as my hubby and I are really comfortable with Dr Wee. Anyway, I delivered already. Hee.
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    PEH vs KKH. Help!

    Hi mommies, I delivered at Kandang Kerbau Hospital under Dr Varsha. Before that, my 1st boy was delivered by Dr Wee. Both gynaes are very good. Dr Wee left for private practise already; hence I was introduced to Dr Varsha. Kandang Kerbau Hospital have the Private Suite, whereby you will be...
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    Oscar scan during Pregnancy

    Well, its really up to your hubby and you. For me, I know I will persist no matter the results. On the other hand, I am the sort that will think a lot. So, to prevent a lot sleepless night and spare my hubby the endless "what ifs", my hubby just made me go ahead. MommySg Maternity Nursing...
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    EDD Mar 2014

    Jiayou to all mommies into bf!! I just delivered in Jan 2014 and also just setup an online shop selling maternity nursing bras pants and kidswear. If interested, can pop over to MommySg Maternity Nursing Bras Pants Kidswear