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    any recommendations for toddler tricycle ?

    im looking for those parent-handle trikes too.. loe mothercare's smart trikes but the price.. :err: lol how much were the ones u came across?
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    My humble house (4rm HDB)

    u mean an island in the kitchen of a bto 4rm flat?? seriously?? wow!! where can i see his works?
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    Little Neuro Tree

    came across this old post of mine and realized i didnt get any answers.. hehe any of your kids in LNT safra jurong? need some reviews. reviews on other centers also welcome. just wanna know if it's beneficial for 8mths old baby and what the fees are like. thanks!!
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    CDA savings for enrichment lessons

    I just realized that not all enrichment centers accept payment using our child's CDA. Im looking for those parent-accompanied classes like Growing Up Gifted. Anyone knows of any centers which accept CDA? Thanks!
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    World cup romper

    Anyone knws where to get world cup romper for a 3mth old?
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    anybody intrested to open shop or work for my shop?

    What are u selling? I'll help to ask ard..
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    thks mievee! i'll consider shichida method.. im looking for something where we get to do different activities n not only gym or music all e time.. =)
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    thk u mummies for ur opinions.. im thinking of sending him for those classes where babies get to interact with others n also bonding with mommy.. i do agree that doing such activities n bonding with baby at hm plays an important role too.. i just thought maybe it'll be fun to go to such classes...
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    Hope u mummies can help me on this.. im just confused over e different programmes.. gym, music, etc.. location-wise, i prefer west or central.. thks in advance!
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    Pacifier - to use or not to use?

    Initially i was so against e pacifier too! My MIL was e one who suggested using it to comfort my boy to sleep since he used to be cranky at night n he always needed to be carried or rocked to sleep. Then sometimes when he's asleep n we try to put him dwn on e bed, he'd wake up crying again...
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    Baby Diapers?

    Just tried mamy poko for my son.. Can last throughout e nite if he doesnt poo.. So im now using huggies (green pkging) for day n mamy poko for nite but will start to use bumwear nxt wk then mamy poko will be for nite n outdoors.
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    My Bundle of Joy, Shaylan Vel..

    Thk u but im still havin "labour phobia" so i hav no plans for no. 2 yet! Haha! Hubs even had e cheek to say he wants no. 2 in 2012!! *faints*
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    Which enrichment ctr or infant care did ur child go to?

    Hope u mummies will share n giv reviews.. Im planning to enrol my son when he turns 6mths old so im starting to do some research.. I heard that for some centres we hav to book mths in advance to get a place there too so i guess must be kiasu a bit.. But of course, i'll bring him for a trial...