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    Bukit Panjang Mommies....!

    Stay at home mum , 2 kids 3yo son Janson 7mths dotter Jezebel Segar Road
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    MummySG Members' Blogs
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    Our Little ones' birthday!!

    Janson - 18/01/2007 Jezebel - 02/05/2009
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    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    Re: Facebook of Mummies~!! mine is
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    mums = friendless?

    same same . most of my friends work and hard to get together .
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    Member's HOME Location

    Bukit Panjang ! Holland Drive (Mum's place)
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    What do u do with your 4mths bb?

    my ger also 4mths now .. she loves to talk , and watch tv . just now , let her watch children channel , she watch till tiired den slp liao lor . nvr make any noise .
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    The brand new look of MummySG

    yEa .. will be looking forward . ^^
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    The brand new look of MummySG

    can make option to delete thread when item is sold or close thread ? and option to edit the main title ...
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    CCK mummy?

    ii m staying at CCK central.. ds 2yrs8mths dd 4mths but soon moving to segar . =)
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    Looking for phonics tutor

    Lowest tuition rate in town!! K1/K2 --$40/mth Pri 1/Pri 2 -- $56/mth Pri 3/Pri 4 -- $80/mth Pri 5/Pri 6 -- $120/mth Subjects being teached: English, Mathematics and Science PM me to know more ~
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    Any1 EDD in May 09?

    Hi .. me EDD early may .. giving birth @ KKH ... =)
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    Money Transfer ,No Reply .

    She only said she din log in to the forum often . 1 of e mummies call to inform her . =)
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    Money Transfer ,No Reply .

    thanks alot ppl ! she replied ler .
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    Money Transfer ,No Reply .

    e money ii paid it's nort much . euu can see from e thread . it's cheap things . but at least , she get back to miie explaining . ii dunno how to contact her ,ii dun have her mobile ,tt's yy ii seek help here .