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    Latest: Baby Fairs 2015!

    Hihi mummy / daddy, here's the latest list of baby fairs in 2015: Baby Fairs (Singapore) in 2015! | Mummy's Reviews Happy shopping!
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    Next baby fair?

    Hi mummies, Taka fair details are out: 26 Feb to 16 Mar. There are 3 baby fairs in February alone! Starting this Friday, 14 Feb, at Suntec. I've compiled the full baby fairs 2014 list: Click: Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore) - Detailed list Happy shopping! :)
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    [Hot News] Baby Fairs 2014 - Detailed list!

    Taka baby fair 2014 details are out. List updated. Click: Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore) - Detailed list
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    [Hot News] Baby Fairs 2014 - Detailed list!

    Hi mummies, here's the latest list of baby fairs in 2014. It'll be updated as the year goes by: Click here: Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore) - Detailed list Happy shopping! :)
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    List of Baby Fairs in 2013

    Hi Mummies, the list of Baby Fairs in 2013 is out: Baby Fairs in 2013 (Singapore) - Date, Time, Venue It'll be updated as the year goes by. Happy shopping!
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    Edd nov 2011

    We're using Badger. More info here: Review, Discount & Giveaway: iherb | Mummy's Reviews 5 Ways to Protect Your Baby from Mosquitoes | Mummy's Reviews
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    List of Baby Fairs in 2012 - Taka fair starts on 4 Mar

    candizhu and Kary2500: thank you for your updates! The baby fair list has been updated: Takashimaya and More Baby Fairs (Singapore & Malaysia) in 2012! | Mummy's Reviews
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    HELP!!! Bleeding 14 days after D&C

    Oh, clarification here: after medication, the heavy bleeding happened within the day to clear the pregnancy. The bleeding afterwards is like regular menses flow, not heavy, just that it took about 2 weeks to clear completely. I prepared myself mentally before choosing this option and it felt...
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    Rough confinement period

    Oh, I stay in KL now, so catered vegetarian confinement food. It includes vegetables / beans with ginger, various types of mock meat (from beans instead of gluten) cooked with various sauces like sweet/sour, vinegar, honey, daily soup. Generally, similar to regular Chinese confinement meals...
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    Rough confinement period

    Ha, I learnt this from a book - What Baby Needs, from Dr. Sears. We've read this book before baby arrived, to prepare the older boy about baby's crying, breastfeeding, etc. It helped a lot.
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    Washable Nursing Pads

    For heavy leaks, hemp / bamboo fabric absorb a lot. Whether disposable or cloth, need to change regularly after wetting, else bacteria will grow. Washable ones are easy to maintain, I usually handwash them after shower, then dry under sun to naturally bleach them. Highly absorbent disposable...
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    what to drink as replacement for water during confinement?

    I stopped red dates tea after 1 week because baby was getting yellowish and home-visit nurse said jaundice may be prolonged if mummy keeps drinking red dates tea. In replacement, I drank Earth Mama Angel Baby milkmaid tea. Soak 1 tea bag in hot water, can refill up to 3 cups. Good to boost milk...
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    Rough confinement period

    You must stay positive, strong and cheerful. Life is beautiful, think about your blessings. Every child is a blessing and you've got two. :) My boy is 3+ years old and baby is 7 months old. He's generally a sweet boy but until now, there are still days when he wants to make noise when I'm...
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    HELP!!! Bleeding 14 days after D&C

    For my miscarriage, I chose to take medicine to induce it. Bled for 2 weeks or even longer. I rem obgyn said bleeding is to help clear the clots, so if still bleeding, means may still have clot inside. She did ultrasound during followup, to check that every clot is cleared. I rem going back for...
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    sleep trainer needed

    My 3-year old boy has been a high needs child since young. He was very fussy regarding sleep. We used Elizabeth Pantley's ideas and the Shichida Method to help him sleep better. I notice you mention "screaming her head off". It may be a negative experience from pregnancy, delivery or anytime...