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    Employing maid

    We are still looking for a transfer maid, so anyone who has someone or knows someone who is letting theirs go, pls do recommend.
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    URGENT - Need a transfer FDW or ex-SG FDW for a small family (Bedok)

    Hi everyone, I posted here in Aug 2015 and it's been a long process but the person we're trying to hire has just had issue after issue in coming to Singapore. Does anyone have a transfer or ex-SG person they can recommend? Area: Bedok Family size: Husband, Wife, 1 baby girl (16 months old)...
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    Direct Hire FDW, what's a good agency?

    Hi all Been here in Singapore since Jan 2015, we need a full time helper as we have been struggling with unreliable temp / part-time people. We have someone in mind who is presently in India (Indian citizen) and hence only need the agency to do the paperwork. Is there any reliable agency who...