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    No appetite

    He could be bored with the same foods all the time. Imagine if you have to eat the same thing day in day out... You could try cooking different dishes for your son and rotate them for variety
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    Meet up / Play mates

    I'm staying at the Caribbean next to harbourfront.
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    Meet up / Play mates

    Hi missytinklestar, Can you whatsapp/msg me at 98231497? We can start arranging or planning for one soon. Any other mummies staying in the south interested please also contact me.
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    Meet up / Play mates

    Hi all, Will be 31 this year with a 11 month old girl. Any mummies living in the south / southwest interested in arranging play dates or meet ups?
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    Mommy lunch/dinner?

    Hi all also have a 10 month old girl. Can find me on watsapp @ 9823 1497. Looking forward to making friends with more mummies! Jan
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    baby play gyms, walkers, Diapers...

    Hi is the walker still available?
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    Signs of Labor...

    For me, first sign was the show. Was taking a shower in the morning and realised I had spots of blood on my shower floor!
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    Full Mth Celebration/Baby Shower - Preparation/Resources/Planning/Venue

    I did away with the full month celebration for my girl... Was too tired out after confinement and learning how to take care of my newborn...
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    Stretch mark creams

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    Spot, stop, and spot again!

    Some mummies experience MS throughout their pregnancies. Think it is also dependent on individual bodies . Happy pregnancy!
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    WTS: 400g tin of Mamil, Friso & Similac

    WTS: 400g tin of Mamil, Friso & Similac Hi, is the tin of mamil gold stage 2 sealed or has already been open?
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    Any feedback on Cherrie Hearts @ Harbour Front - Infant Care Centre ?

    My girl is attending infant care there full time since she was 3 months old. So far so good. Every feed, change of diaper and nap time will be recorded and you have to sign off at the end of the day when you pick up your child. Teachers there are very friendly and I have been getting advice...
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    Mothercare BabyDan Playpen from UK @$49

    Hi, What are the dimensions for the playpen? I am unable to access the URL link.
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    Motorised Sarong Safe to Use whole night???

    I don't use a sarong. My personal opinion is that if you use the motorised sarong for the whole night baby might get used to it and will not be able to sleep on their own in the future. What I normally do when baby is fussy in the early morning is to 1) just ignore baby and they will get the...
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    Food safe to eat

    I avoided raw and uncooked food while I was pregnant. Better to be safe than sorry as you would not want to take chances when it comes to the well being of the little one growing inside of you...