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    Kindergarten teachers?

    Any kindergarten teachers here? Can share what are the roles and job scope kindergarten teachers have to play other than just teaching children? What's the salary like? what time to what time kindergarten teachers work?
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    Rough behaviour since attending infant care

    My baby is kind of "stubborn" in a way that refusing to follow us when we said NO. Have been this way since 6 mths old till now. Now is slightly much more harder as know how to walk about and run. Running fast to the places where the tv is there. Pointing and pointing, when we said NO, catch...
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    Rough behaviour since attending infant care

    Don't think you can ask teachers to pay more attention if the teachers there are busy with the rest of the students, at least that's what happen to our childcare. The principal says no 1-1 attention. Have withdraw my baby, the principal seems in some hurry to "get rid" of my child by...
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    Rough behaviour since attending infant care

    My toddler goes childcare has a fall and bang head on floor, according to teacher. When asked the childcare person in charged, we heard that our baby threw tantrum there, threw crayons all over, run off and fall down from the seat. Wonder how do childcare teachers normally deal with such...
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    Endo Japan Thermal Magic Cooker

    Currently, where got offer for Endo Japan Magic cooker?
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    playgroup at 18mths?

    I think there is a rule. Cannot too many. I think is 1:6 By the way, does any childcare closed on Christmas eve and the coming Monday too? My baby goes to childcare that is closed on Christmas eve and the next working day after too. What to do if everyone is working? Baby no one take care...
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    Pls read and help**

    For me I don't feel any contraction last time, water bag burst then go to hospital.
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    Do you give all the childcare teachers Xmas gifts?

    Anyone give the childcare teachers any Xmas gifts? What do you give them?
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    How old can sit highchair?

    When baby can flip and crawl then can put on high chair as neck can support head already.
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    How you wean baby off yaolan?

    Try placing mattress on the floor?
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    Kitchen sink gave way (corroded)

    Cant you insist you dont want any wood to be there? You are the one paying for the renovation. Tell the contractor what you want and put in black and white. Look good dont mean last long. For me I prefer things that will last longer than look good.
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    Kitchen sink gave way (corroded)

    My bathroom stainless steel clothes hanger got dark brown water stains. Cannot remove stains even when I use toothbrush with soap.
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    When do u start to discipline your child?

    Told baby No, dont touch many times. I think my baby do understand. But still want to do. After touching the things that not suppose to, baby will cry before I even notice anything. LOL... Then I will go in, thought what happen to baby. In case fall down or what... but only see baby beside...
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    How you wean baby off yaolan?

    I cannot remember how big my baby was at 6 months. But my baby that time was learning to flap in yaolan! No broken parts. Everything is fine. Better place a foldable mattress beneath the yaolan, in case baby roll out of yaolan by own self can still be safe if land on the soft area.