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    Toddler prefers my wife over me

    This seems 2 b a common issue My gal prefers her daddy.... Which of cos makes sense since he sees her more often den me However, it takes 2 to resolve d issue In my case hubby n I will always share d things we do 4 our gal Yes my gal will decide like I want daddy 2 pat pat me 2 bed So mommy...
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    New to breastfeeding

    There r a few gd ones in d mkt now... Best wld b direct latching... Personally I m using d Medala Freestyle cos I m required 2 attend mtgs outside of office n hence need 2 b more mobile All I needed 2 do is find a room n I m gd 2 "pump"
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    food during breastfeeding

    What I did was to time my coffee time after I BF. Dat was d thing I missed most.... Coffee. Of cos... we can eat most things, just do it in moderation.
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    First appointment at Polyclinic?

    Hi, It's really dependent on wat u wan ultimately. By going 2 polyclinic first n den referred 2 KK, u wld b a subsidized patient. U wld b able 2 save quite a fair bit if cost is a concern for u. There is no good or bad. It's really wat u really wan? If u decide 2 go polyclinic, i think u...
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    Gleneagles or Mt Alvernia ?

    hi mb11 I can only share my experience at Mt A. I shld say my stay was quite gd wif d friendly nurses n mid wife. I had chosen a double bed cos I didnt wan DH 2 stay over wif me. (He shld have plenty of rest b4 DD n myself r discharged fr hospital) Anyway, I was upgraded 2 a single room as I...
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    Maternal Sanitary Pads. Is it nessesary?

    It's different for each and every one. Hence, u may wanna prepare an extra packet, just in case the one that is provided by hospital has been used up. After d first day, u should be able to gauge if u need more. If so, mayb can get DH 2 get 4 u.
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    first time mama to be ! with lots of qns

    Congrats to you. About right on the 6 wks preggy if your last menses was 21 Jan. But when u go for your 1st gynea check up, he/she would be able to provide more info. If u have to choose between uncooked food & manicure, I suggest u give up eating sushi or any half cooked food. When I...
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    Any good Paed to recommend near buona vista area?Pefer 24hrs n low consultancy

    Don't think there r any PD dat is open 24 hrs (I could b wrong) If there is indeed an emergency den u shld send LO 2 either KK or any other A&E of choice
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    very itchy belly during pregnancy

    U can get aloe vera gel @ Watsons or Guardian
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    Placenta problems?

    Mine was low placenta so I experience bleeding quite often Amost every fortnightly, I will go c my Gynea cos I m bleeding I utilized all my MCs n some of my leave cos doc ordered bed rest He was kind enough 2 give me HL when he thought it wld b better if I stay home n rest instead of wk
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    How to store bm while travelling?

    When I was traveling with LO last year to Australia, I had with me bottles of EBM meant for feeding in a on-the-go fridge. I did pump while on board the flight as I needed to pump every 4 hours and my flight duration was 7 hours. (I used the BF cover while I was pumping) In general, I noticed...
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    Rate for confinement lady during CNY 2015

    Hi, I was leaning towards Chilli Padi N Natalessential for the catering with prices ranging bt $1,500 - $1,800 for 2 meals. In d end, I had my mom n hubby 2 cook 4 me during my confinement. I was lucky as hubby doesnt have fixed wking hours. So he was able to help out at nite too. My mom...
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    Gestational diabetes???

    You should check wif your Gynea y he/ she wants u 2 start on the insulin jab. D doc must have a valid reason y... Try 2 ask n learn more. When I was preggy wif DD, my reading was borderline, so my Gynea sent me 2 a dietician. Doc told me if I do as d dietician says, den mayb I can avoid insulin...
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    second hand baby carrier (manduca or ergobaby)

    I have 2 manduca carriers n m able 2 let go if u r really interested I have a red one n a beige color one Okie 2 let go either color
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    need tips for travelling with my toddler (long flight)

    We took emirates too, but as I have mentioned, DD doesnt like it so we didnt put her in it. N you are right, most seats with bassinets are front row. Just nurse as normal, its okie cos if you have d window seat, it's quite discreet. As for the pressure, if your DD uses the pacifier, it would...