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    My 5 yr old boy has got lymphnodes on his neck and at the back of the ear. Though it is common in young children but i am still very worry.Anyone experience this .pls share any cure or prevention.
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    Flu Vaccination

    Hi mummies, Is giving flu jab for children below 5 yr old popular.I thought of letting my 2 boys take the flu jab due to current H1N1 or prevention of other flu virus. Is the jab too strong for children .I took it 1.5 yr ago myself and i found it very effective Any advice?
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    How to increase bust size?

    From which brand?
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    How to increase bust size?

    Anyone try the above...i wan to try but worry if such serum got side effect like cancer etc...
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    Reliable Colostrum Powder For Children

    Colostrum seems very exp.Depending on the no. of capsule or tablet $70 + is in fact not expensive.I brought $97 for 120 capsule.Each capsule at 500mg
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    Reliable Colostrum Powder For Children

    Thanks pls let me know the company name if u do have. Colostrum is for all ages except baby less than 1 yr old since it is expected baby should have breastmilk. Colostrum to be simplifed is Cow's milk after it gave birth to the calf. I am taking one capsule a day maintain goog health like...
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    Reliable Colostrum Powder For Children

    Hi parents, Anyone give colostrum powder to your kids? It is not a formular milk but more like a health supplement to boost up immunity and against bacteria , virus etc... i notice there is not much supply in Singapore.There is some from Malaysia health care co. saying product from new zealand...
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    Manuka Honey

    Hi Funz, I also started giving UMF10+ daily since Feb.I find it quite good.At least they dun get sore throat so easily.Do keep me update for any good brands..cheers
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    Hi , i let me boys take all the jab except pneumococcal too.Wonder is it ok? Somehow my family doctor who jab my kids do not recommend nor disagree of having this Vaccine hence i never let them jab.Now they are 5 and 2.5 wonder any point to jab now.
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    Too frequent feedings

    Fully mother, we must educate our children to follow our way and not mother follow their way. If we always give in to them sooner or later we will spoil them unconsiously as the time goes by.
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    Baby Crying Non-stop..

    Hi there,I did the 4 checks too when my children were babies are i must say it is effective.I used to get panic and frustrate last time but my mum and dad always tell me taking care of babies are not difficult if u know wat he/she wans.Stay calm and try to figure things out and u can answer to...
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    Pull up Pants

    Hi, is the tel no. still the same at 6 226 2650? if $15 / PACK then it is so much cheaper as compare to from Ntuc.Will consider to order. Drypant design is very V cut, i notice my nephew has the full accumulation of urine right at the bottom making it difficult when walking and running.The...
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    I have a remedy for Jaundice problem.It works for all baby regardless of prolong jaundice problem.Buy baby bitterground , cut in slice, boil in water until yelloe in colour.Dilute it with cold water and bath the baby.Do it for 3 to 5 days and baby is ready for checkup after birth, jaundice shall...
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    Pull up Pants

    The pic is for normal L size paste on diaper not pull up pants.One thing about this brand the colour of the package is the same thats why mislead u. The pull up pants packaging is like a bag with big handles
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    Who done Malay Massage before ?

    i undergo normal delivery hence i am not sure how long u should wait if it is c sect. But i must say i love malay massage.I started the massage at day 5 after i have enough rest and i can see each time after the malay auntie massage and i do the wrap up on that day as well , my waist and tummy...