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    Hi. Please send the photos to me. Thanks! 97614314

    Hi. Please send the photos to me. Thanks! 97614314
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    Where to get DIY Hair Straightener Cream?

    how abt medical hall? those cheap beauty stores at chinatown?
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    Baby Carriers

    i'm using Beco too. Baby is about 9kg now. Weight distributed to waist and shoulders so the shoulders won't feel so tired.
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    baby hates water, how?

    my daughter hates water too. We have been trying to introduce to her slowly since 6 months. She is coming to 8 months now. To add on about honey. I am actually quite upset. :( My inlaws keep insisting that barley+honey is good for baby. She has been telling me that her son (my husband) and all...
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    Who Can Accompany You In Labour Ward Other Than Your Husband?

    i delivered in TMC in Mar and my sister accompanied me in the labour ward as my husband is overseas. no need for any authorisation or whatever, just have to tell the nurse that your husband is not around and unlikely going to reach in time. so long as there is no change to the person that is...
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    BALI with kids along

    i'm also going bali.. in oct. not bringing daughter along. initially wanted to bring her along but when PD says better not, husband refuse to allow her to follow. :( anyway i love Bali too. has a mix of everything. nice quiet retreat kinds of hotels in ubud and nusa dua to busy hotels and...
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    Mummies wht kind of diaper bag do u carry ard?

    i'm using a sisley bag. can also use for work. big and spacious. definite shape so the things inside won't go messy and easy to reach for stuff. :)
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    The 1st REAL menses after delivery bleeding

    mine was quite heavy too. last more than a week. a bit of cramp too. previously i seldom have cramp
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    Maternity towels after birth

    Re: Maternity Pads or heavy flow pads? I use Pureen. Affortable and good. :)
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    Getting Botak after few months after giving birth.

    me too! i am hoping a change of shampoo will help. just started to use this brand ---> kerastase, hopefully it will help...
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    Maternity towels after birth

    Re: Maternity Pads or heavy flow pads? better to use maternity pads for the first 2 weeks. cos' flow was quite heavy for me.. i feel it absorbs better and more comfortable. :) from the 3rd week, i use sofy 40cm ones.. :)
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    Bringing 11 mths baby to Perth

    so fun!!! it's nice weather now. such a good time to go. :)
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    Bringing 11 mths baby to Perth

    Hi Ting I was in Perth June this year. Very cold and rainy. so do bring extra warm clothing if you intend to bring your daughter over. :)
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    Baby Development- PD/GP

    we are using Angeline's Baby and Child Clinic at Marsiling. She was recommended by Gynae and had been with us since daughter's birth. her consultation is $45. so far so good with her, patient and always willing to answer any question. :)
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    Milk bottle to recommend

    I am using Avent. so far so good. :)