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    Lightning Mcqueen/Marvel Goodie Bag

    Hi all! Anyone selling Mcqueen/Marvel(spiderman/cpt america/ironman) small bags for kids goodie bags? I heard one mummy bought it frm here but i can't find it anywhere! thanks! u may contact me directly at 8138 3952. thanks!
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    Permanent Part Time Admin Job at Millenia Tower

    Dear ladies! my company is looking for a permanent part timer who can fulfill the following requirements: - come in 2-3 times per week or on adhoc basis -pleasant looking -willing to cover reception duties at times - simple admin work -able to speak fluent English by the way my company is...
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    City Select Double Stroller

    Item sold! Thanks all!
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    City Select Double Stroller

    Dear mummies, here's another stroller for sale! City Select Double Stroller Multiple seat positions May be used as single stroller Bassinet included(for babies <6 mths old) 2 seats included Original (City Select)Toddler stroller Step included! Light grey color Seat adapter...
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    Seebaby S03A Umbrella Stroller -Brand New

    Hi mummies! It's been a long time! I've been looking around for an umbrella stroller that is able to recline and seems like most of it has only one fixed(upright) position. Found this very functional stroller (very cute design as well) , however, i really have no space for it ! Okay here's...
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    Article: Can Singaporeans Live wiithout their maids?

    I have always been the one in our family who is strongly against the idea of getting a maid. Reason being I can't live with a stranger n I believe I can cope with everything at home since I became a Sahm. However, I changed my thinking after I gave birth to my second baby. They are only 13...
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    Mummies, can share info about your toddler?

    Thank u Mummies for sharing ! He's been very keen in learning to talk recently n up till now he knows 15-20 single words. Although its still slow for his age but I'm happy enough. Pronunciation is unclear but hopefully he improves hehe thanks for all the encouragement!
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    Mummies, can share info about your toddler?

    Dodotan, thanks alot for your advice! Actually I do agree that at 18 mths he may be too young to be in cc. Unless like some mummies who r wrking with no one to help take care of kids then no choice but to place in cc. Can't imagine my #2 starting solid food in couple of weeks' time n gotta...
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    Mummies, can share info about your toddler?

    Hello mummies! My son is 18 mths old now n having a big headache with him. Anyway can anyone share any advice or info with your toddler ard this age? K I've some issues here: Firstly, i have problem squeezing in breakfast for him coz he wakes at 8-9am.I only feed him 2 full meals per day coz he...
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    Has any mummies send their kids to cc?

    Ya but they open the windows n there are no grilles! So scary! Non air con cc , there r alot I think. Can check out Agape, MMI , Learning Vision, Sunny Bunny .. These r the ones Im looking at so far. Alot of them all non air con. Cherie hearts has alot of branches too
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    Has any mummies send their kids to cc?

    bumping up this thread. I am sourcing for a cc for my 18mt son too. I actually signed up with Treasure Box at Marine Parade. But thinking back, my hb n i realized that they actually open up the windows win the children r sleeping. So we decided to cancel the plan so our admin fees gonna be...
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    Daddies,Mummies,pls take note!

    Thanks ,mummies! went for his 2nd heart scan ytd n his heart dilatation has improved! but still gotta go for regular heart scans.thank u all mummies for the ecouragement!