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    in law issue

    Actually if you have a mil who can help you take care, I would be thankful. Cast aside those MIL vs DIL issues. They are your children's closest kin, they will not hurt your children. Try to think in this perspective, they will love your children as much as you. My MIL is in her 70s..she can no...
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    Are bank jobs in Singapore safe?

    Have you considered things like: Are you prepared to work long hours? Are you prepared to sacrifice your weekends? Are you prepared to do the most boring and non value added work? Are you prepared to lose a job? Honestly there is no security to bank jobs these days. The banking sector are...
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    Working mum, can you cope with your work and family?

    I finally changed job just to get some monetary increment....I thought lift would be better with more $$$$. I think it's a bad move for a couple to change job at the same time. My husband and I changed job around the same time, and now both of us got to meet with the demands of our new...
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    Employing maid

    Is your maid ex sg/exp elsewhr or no exp in sg?
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    My maid has VD (STD)

    I think you should write to MOM and explain your case to them. I personally feel this maid should not be allowed in to wk in sg. Imagine if she us taking care of baby. The agent is so irresponsible saying it is common. I dun think it is common bc I had 3 maids of 2 diff nationality and I nvr...
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    crazy neighbor.... help......

    I seriously need to rant about my parent's neighbour. The Corridor - Occupied by 2 families The Neighbour - PR from Middle East. Stay in a 3.5 room HDB flat. Parent - Stay in corner unit which is also a 3.5 room HDB flat. The issue started when this ME neighbour spoke to my mom about the...
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    teary confinement

    I delivered in july.I cried easily during this confinement., mainly because my hubby seldom cared for me. It is not his fault as his folks were in and out of hospital 2 weeks before I was due and all the way during my confinement. I felt my hubby really neglected me. Also bc of the traveling to...
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    Central Area - I am a Babysitter Let me help you find a babysitter for FREE!

    Looking for babysitter at Lor Ah Soo area Looking for babysitter at Lor Ah Soo area. To look after baby from 7am to 7pm from Mon to Fri only. Pls PM me if I interested.
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    Working mum, can you cope with your work and family?

    I am a mother of 2, just delivered #2. Honestly I am quite afraid of going back to work because I am afraid I cannot cope with the demands of 2 kids(3 YO and 1MO) and work. I do have a maid but she is v young and I dun really trust she can handle 2 kids when I cannot. My hubby's job requires...
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    6 week old nof sleeping

    I am a mother of two but not really a expert with babies but my 4 week old bb is displaying such signs as well. What I noticed is he tend to fall asleep when we carry him (seems like he likes to stick chest-chest or listen to our hearbeat). Once he is deep asleep then we put him down to bed. (we...
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    toddler displaying sense of insecurity

    My daughter just turned 3 YO and she has been v sticky with me. I have just delivered #2 (son). My daughter has also been feeling v insecure lately. Every morning I will come up with stories, ie: 1) Can you push this trolley to por por hse for por por pls. Mommy will wait here for you. Pls...
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    Advice, I have some doubts feeling

    Be strong! Continue to doll up and care for your kids. Looking good makes you feel good. Love yourself first. In sgp, many women experience this like yourself. You are not alone. Your hubby may be stress at work due to changes (new boss, new wk, new mgmt). Let him be. He needs to learn to...
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    Hi Lesalynn, I feel you n understand how you feel. Sometimes men take us for granted. Are you a working mom? If yes, do you have a maid to help w chores? For me, I try to keep my hubby out pf hsewk etc so he's practically np help tp me for hsehold stuff. I depend on my maid for cleaning...
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    What type of tonic to eat from 2nd tri onwards??

    tonic Lean meat with cordyceps - double boil Black chicken with ginseng- double boil Bird nest with ginseng & red dates -double boil Black chicken essence - double boil to force out essence
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    EDD May 2014 (maybe)

    jaundice I m unsure if this helps but my confinement nanny says switching on the white light in the night (whole night) can improve jaundice. Mommies, you may try. My no.1 daughter was also turing yellow but improved after confinement nanny did tt.