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    But cleaner covers north area. You may call her and ask 8163 5654.

    But cleaner covers north area. You may call her and ask 8163 5654.
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    How'll you deal with noisy neighbours ?

    Last time, the place I resided at, I think I am the noisy neighbour as I got dog barking and children wailing away. However, I had noisy neighbours too back then. They can talk real loud in the middle of the night, using hp. sometimes, I heard funny weird conversations (my old place has lots of...
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    Part time maid

    if anyone wanna find part time cleaner, can msg me in this forum. I do not charge/getting any fees. But this cleaner I had was a very nice lady. I had to let her go as I got a full time maid.
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    Part time maid

    Hi, if your need any part-time maid, esp staying in Yishun, email me at She works fast, cleans well and knows how to protect your stuff and reliable. She was my part time helper but I am not continuing with her as I am moving to another area and she don't go to other areas...
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    Orchid PArk Condo- 3 bedroom for sale

    Interested parties, please email for more details.
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    Working mum, can you cope with your work and family?

    2008 1st baby 2010 2nd baby 2011 3rd baby. Maid sacked in 2010 Dec. Have been surviving without maid for one year plus. On top of that have a hectic work schedule- lots of project and industrial attachment. Luckily have a supportive husband and parents in law, good childcare centers (though for...
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    Hair Fall after birth

    after 2010 baby comes out, my 2011 baby also came out last Dec. Now going to be 4 months and my hair is starting to fall out. Haiz....looks scary. And the thing I don't like is every time, I wake up, see a lot of hair on the pillow. My eldest daughter (now 3years plus) ask me why I am dropping...
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    EDD in Dec 2011

    mine 23rd dec
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    dry powder only temporarily. it is still itchy. it just make your appearance better only. Klorane brand, cost 17 dollars ++ for a small bottle.
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    Happy MTB....just time the intervals. If it gets frequent from 30mins, to 20mins, to 10 mins at REGULAR intervals, you must get prepared to go it false alarm or not. Better be safe than sorry.....
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    EDD in Dec 2011

    poor you. perhaps you can clarify during the visit next time? I have heard from people who got very bad rashes during confinement. You should listen to your doctor. Or else you may end up with bad scars, how? have u tried to use herbal packets for bathing purpose? I am going for my c-section...
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    rashes at tummy area

    do research for PUPPP if there are rashes starting from tummy. i had that bad experience before during my 2nd pregnancy, starting from 8th month till after delivery. It totally gross me out till now. Having my 3rd pregnancy and rashes again...but i am at my last month.
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    Any good part time cleaner to recommend?

    hi, which part of singapore does she live for Mdm ang?
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    Any good part time cleaner to recommend?

    they sent me a malay cleaner instead of a Chinese preferred in my request. the cleaner service is so- so but i am asking for a chinese in the next session. Reason being, I have dogs.
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    Any good part time cleaner to recommend?

    called Dust matters and I must say the sales person was very patient to my questions and answered all my queries. hopefully the service of the housekeeper will be of standard.