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    playboy with more than 5 gfs makes use of them to pay off his gambling debts

    The price of a game is how much you are willing to pay for it; it has nothing to do with the actual cost of production. In games, you have to work solely with player expectations and determine what price people are willing to buy the product. To determine a game's budget, you must determine what...
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    Every day. It is very important for me to look good. That's why I have a healthy diet and take care of my body and health. That's why I weigh myself every day. I would not want to gain more weight than now, so I never chose a smart scale that makes my life much easier. With the help of this...
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    Knee discomfort on turbo trainer

    That 7-year-old problem with your knee probably came up again. It would be best if you fixed it as soon as possible to not worsen and have a bigger discomfort in your knees. I recommend you go to This is a very good orthopedic clinic that will make you get rid of these pains very...
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    Be careful when you lease from a bank

    I'm sorry you went through such an unpleasant situation. Thanks so much for the warning. I hope you're fine now. I understand you perfectly. A very large mortgage company also deceived me. I don't even want to remember that situation. I also had problems with the monthly rate, making it much...
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    Is Blend and Extend Mortgage worth it? Plus more questions :D

    I think it is worth it if you can't pay for it and want lower monthly rates. I suggest consulting with a professional before taking extended mortgage terms. I also had a similar offer, and I used some Mortgage Broker in Derby services. He explained to me that by accepting the new terms of the...
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    BBQ Seasonings - What do you use?

    I shed a little tear on Sunday when I used the last of some Kirkland Sweet Mesquite seasoning on some chicken thighs and am now on the hunt for another tasty rub. This stuff was never available in Canada and I don't even know if it is still available in the US, which is a bit of a loss. Say...
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    Louis Vuitton Tivoli 40144GM Designer LV Bag

    Why do many women prefer branded bags?
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    Parents collect PSLE results of son who died from cancer

    Osteogenic sarcoma is a disease whose malignant cells originate in bone tissue. But rhabdomyosarcoma refers to those originating from the skeletal (striated) muscle. And one kind of cancer could not develop and become completely different. Surgery in such cases is not done because it makes no...
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    Thank you for sharing the tips
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    New place

    Yes, why not?
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    Red hair

    Oh, yes, for sure
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    dog and baby

    Oh, all was nice. You have to adopt a good dog and all will be wonderful :) Don't be afraid. In my family all is alright and my dog is my baby's best friend.
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    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    My mom told me about this website :) and I am so happy
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    Our Little ones' birthday!!

    SO nice!
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    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    It is a good idea