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    October 2007 Mummies/Daddies

    Hi all mummies. So long nv log in. Hows everyone coping with their little ones? Im doing alright. So far so good. Enjoying motherhood tremendously and shopping online for clothes madly. Hehe. How to resist? They look so cute in nice clothes. Come tmr, I'll be looking after baby entirely on my...
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    which paediatrician is your child visiting?

    Dr YY Yip from SBCC at Gleneagles. He was my gal's PD since birth, so still following up with him. A very gentle and soft spoken man.
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    Vone's baby son is out!!

    I had a c sect, so everything pretty good la. Now trying to rest as much as possible b4 CL go back 2 weeks later.
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    Vone's baby son is out!!

    Congrats vone!!!!
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    Which one do your child look alike more , mother or father?

    Think my gal look like me more. The only thing thats is like the daddy is the blood group and hair. Got my temper too. :embarrassed:
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    Final Countdown

    Re: Counting Down ... Sigh. Still waiting.
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    studio shot pkg
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    Wedding Photos

    Hehehe. Whole idea is to show gown onli, so cannot see face ma. Gown is from Silverlining.
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    October 2007 Mummies/Daddies

    Cant wait to see my gal soon too! Feeling so restless now!
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    How many hours of sleep per day ?

    Hehe, u dun look like that cute bunny leh. Anyway, I sleep close to 12 hrs a day now. Sometimes 15.
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    KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital

    Be doing it at Gleneagles. Hope it'll be good like what other mummies claim!
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    Wedding Photos

    Still got alot of ppl choose to wear kua for their dinner! That time I wanted to wear kua for my dinner n tea oso, but have to rent else where, so gave up the idea.
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    Are you a seafood, meat or vegetable person?

    More of a veggie person. Hate pork, but looves it if its breaded and deepfried! Aiya, I think Im a rubbish bin, okie with most, but prefer veggie more.
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    Wedding Photos

    mami jazz, now still got ppl take those costume type de! Heres mine, sry, shy la. dun dare show face. :shyxxx: Pictures taken in 2005
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    Would you consider plastic surgery?

    I wan sharper nose, slimmer arms, slim slim waist, slim thighs n slim calfs! I wan the full works!!!!