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    Elsie's kitchen catering

    Hi anyone tried the above catering before? Need some advise. Or any other catering which is halal that is good. Thank you.
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    Full Month Buffet

    Hi Pinkliciouz I would like to try Meihao99 too, have been ordering from Neo Garden & Orange Clove. Would like to check with u, how is the potion of Meihao99 like? Cos u invited 70+ ppl and u cater for how many guests? Hope to hear from u. Thanks.
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    Milk Storage Bag

    Hi All, My son is 2 weeks old now. I EBM and store in the milk storage bag and kept it in the fridge. My son drinks 100ml now, do I just put 100ml or I can fill up the bag full. I will only pour the 100ml for his feed and the balance for his next feed so that I can save cost. Need advise...
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    need recommendations on nappy rash cream

    Hi raranana, where can i purchase the cream? At pharmacy/watsons, they do sell?
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    Thomson hospital bill size?????

    Hi Tiggee, Did u paid for any admission fee/deposit before your delivery?
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    Maternity Leggings

    Hi, Can I know how much u bgt yr leggings at spring maternity?
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    Birthday cake from Smiling Orchid at Ghim Moh

    Hi, Any mummies order bdae cake from the above cake shop? Any comments? TIA
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    Birthday cake

    Thank u. I will give it a try.
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    Birthday cake

    Hi All, I am planning for a small celebration for my son 3rd birthday. Anyone can recommend on nice birthday cake to buy from cake shop? Has anyone tried cakes from emicakes?
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    Tingkat dinner

    Hi mummies, Any recommendation on tingkat dinner as I would like to order. Has called Kim's kitchen yesterday but they dun deliver to my area:( Want to try empire food tingkat, anyone have any feedback on this tingkat Co.? Thanks in adv. Regards, Serene
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    Hi Jennifer98, how much is their rate? i wanting to do the blinds for my 4rm flat.
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    Frosting for cake recipe

    Hi all, Any one have recipe for frosting for cake? Can I ask 1 of the ingredient is milk, which kind of milk shd i use? Need advise on the above. TIA
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    Ok thks Annie. wat do u give yr dd when u give her cheese? like add cheese into?
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    Ok thks. Meaning she rejected cereal n porridge and u gave her bread ar.. How much does she ate? half and without the outer skin?
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    Not realli know hw to chew. ok. me too, breakfast is either cereal or oats with fruits or veg and egg yolk. I only give my son, a pinch of my bread when i m having it.