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    Lo who is 7 weeks old dsnt sleep during the day

    Hey there~~ Sorry that you are going through this too. I went through this when my DD was about 6 weeeks old till when I gave up and put her in yao lan when she was about 9 weeks old. You are not doing anything wrong. I think it is just part of stages that the babies go through. Hang in there...
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    low milk supply

    happened to me.. she used to latch every 1 hr.. dd nw latch every 2 hours.. bt she cluster feeds for 3 hours sometimes.. unlatch n then ask for milk again 2 hours later lol.. its tiring bt jia you!
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    DD rejects bottle

    Hey mommies! DD is 3 months 1 week and I have been trying to introduce bottles since 2 weeks ago to no avail.. DD has been a pro breast since day 1 and I have tried multiple bottles/teats to no avail too.. any suggestions or tips?
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    My baby is not sleeping enough

    I gave in to e sarong lol.. consulted a paed about it n she says do wad we can to soothe e baby.. my girl rejects pacifier n fights in her swaddle.. n would cry sooo long before tiring herself out.. i must say with e sarong.. it saved my sanity.. paed thinks anything tt works is better than a...
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    EDD June 2013

    Hhhh it'll be a while till I can have the time for a massage =( The tiger balm has this.. camphor and menthol thing..supposedly if the baby inhaled these enough, it may cause seizures.. and in severe cases.. I dont even wanna go there.. =x this is why no vicks for babies also.. my girl is...
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    EDD June 2013

    Any mommies with back and shoulder aches~~? I used to use Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub =.= and was recently scolded by my mom who found out I was still using it (i used it before pregnancy and thought it was safe when girl's out) saying it's harmful to the baby. But I dunno wad alternatives I...
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    My baby is not sleeping enough

    anyone else considering a yaolan? hub been asking me to get one coz he finds that I have been too stressed out trying to make my girl sleep. but.. i am worried of e after effects... my sis slept on a swing since she was born... all e way till she was P3.. o.o
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    What brand/kind of Baby Carrier do u use?

    Dont think there's a "best" brand. U should go for those exhibitions and try each of those carriers with ur kid. I like beco and iangel. settled for beco as my girl is still an infant. but when she's older i may get e iangel =D
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    EDD June 2013

    yaaaa it is stressful especially when you know they want to feed but all they do is cry and get angry at the breast =.= i havent introduced bottle tho.. scared of nipple confusion.. i hand expressed on a towel to help buffer the fast flow lol..
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    EDD June 2013

    i dont have experience but based on my friend's.. she does it by replacing bm by fm one meal a day. so for eg; today replace 9am feed by fm n e rest still do bm. tml replace 9am and 12nn feed by fm, e rest still do bm. continue till u replace fully by fm. she also advised me not to give the fm...
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    SAHM - how to settle your lunch?

    I am on tingkat for lunch.. cant cook cant go out either so yah.. agree that food is not that yummy but.. a mommy got to eat!
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    Day time nanny or helper needed

    Hello, I need a day time helper or nanny to help me look after my baby and do some light housekeeping. My place is only a 1+1 but we have a husky. Why I am looking for one is becoz hubby is going for an overseas trip and I need someone to help me look aft my 2 months old while I shower...
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    EDD June 2013

    I built mine during the 2nd week cause the confinement nanny kept saying my milk not enough =.= so i pumped after feeding for 3 days.. literally milking round e clock.. that was very very very tiring.. nw i have enough to feed a twin lol and faced another problem shortly after.. my girl kept...
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    EDD June 2013

    Hey hey, my friend said she fed 120ml of ebm for her 8 week old. My girl is cluster feeding also.. every night.. from about 9 to 12mn..I do get orangey poo from her too especially after I ate chilli. So i thought its because of what i ate
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    EDD June 2013

    hello.. thanks for your replies.. its comforting to know i am not the only one facing this. I thought I did something wrong somewhere thats why the stress o.o sometimes its obvious she wants to latch because her mouth would be open so wide.. but when i offer her the breast she would start crying...