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    What to feed my 1 year old?

    DD got bored with her porridge recently. You can try mee sua. i cooked some stock and add the mee sua + minced meat + fish... add in finely chopped spring onions or parsley for variety. Or if ur kiddo is ok with eggs, can stir in the yolk into porridge... taste quite diff too.
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    when does ur bb stop drkg milk

    My Lala also dont like milk.. she sees solids she claps her hand, see me come with milk bottle, push bottle away... So started her with 3rd solids when she was 11mth... think both of us happier... no more struggle! Her 2 milk feeds come up to be abt 400ml only.
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    I am still puree-ing the food too... cos if i make it a bit more chunky, she will spit out the chunks or use her fingers to take out and show me... no choice lor.
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    When did you start giving adult food? 10-12-months old able to feed themselves?

    DD is 1 now... she has yet to taste outside food too.... cos i cannot accept her taking msg, salt ,oil loaded food as well... :embarrassed:
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    Do u bring steriliser when travel with 1 year baby?

    High 5!! I am totally with you. I told hubby if we plan to fly somewhere end of the yr... bathtub can check in..... can you imagine the looks he gave me?? oh yes, my fren brought potty each time they travel too...:001_302: Last time i go backpacking one, so i can definitely can travel light...
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    No weight gain for my toddler

    Tell me about it! i am counting by 100-200g each month... as long still increasing will be ok!
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    Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

    Thanks meiteoh and stonston! you ladies are most helpful. I didnt even know about these shops. I went to GNC to ask... :shyxxx: Did you give brewer's yeast and kelp to your kiddo's food? really good? I saw a packet of brewer's yeast at the organic section at my NTUC here. But wasnt sure if...
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    Expiry for Frisocrem

    oh no, i followed the expiry date at bottom cos they never state 1month after opening. :eek::eek::eek:
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    Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

    anyone reading this book and tried adding the brewer's yeast and powdered kelp? Where can i get them? I went to a few health shops and either they dont have it or they have no idea what i am talking about.
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    Pls share ur baby cereal/porridge feeding time

    Thanks Mummy to Baby Very. I will try this out... I chase after her, i also eat her leftovers since i am bad at estimating the amount i cook... sooo....cham liao........:eek:
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    Do u bring steriliser when travel with 1 year baby?

    I wanted to buy a mini electric kettle too! hubby says i mst be mad. I will show him your post! wahahaha....
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    Pls share ur baby cereal/porridge feeding time

    she has been on lunch for 2 mths plus.. So if i feed her dinner at 6pm... how much milk she i give? My DD is crawling and trying to climb everywhere... she sweats a lot, maybe burning all the calories? wIsh i was the one not gaining weight! :err:
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    Pls share ur baby cereal/porridge feeding time

    My baby drinks abt 750 to 850ml (seems like considered a lot)... but still nv gain much weight ah...maybe 1 mth like 200g... :001_302: She is abt 8.5mth. Her mealtimes: 5am - Milk: 150-180ml 830am - Milk: 180ml 12pm - Lunch: porridge (ard 6tbs) 330pm - Milk: 180ml 530pm - Fruit puree 7pm -...
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    Do u bring steriliser when travel with 1 year baby?

    Apollo mummy, can ask where you buy the tablets? i going Bintan when baby turns 1.. very scare bring a lot of things.. like u say, machiam move house.... hehehe....:001_302:
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    All are welcome...

    very long no login... nice to go beach on a wekday.... envy ah!