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    Authentic Kate Spade Bag in Red

    Letting it go at $150!!! Anyone???
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    Authentic Kate Spade Bag in Red

    Still up. Price negotiable.
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    Authentic Kate Spade Bag in Red

    Hello, Selling preloved authentic Kate Spade bag in red. Used only a few times. Excellent condition. Comes with dustbag. $250. PM me if interested!
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    Dirrhoea when pregnant. Any danger to baby?

    No worries! Your baby will be fine :) I was alternating between constipation and diarrhoea when I was pregnant.
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    bumbo seats etc?

    Not really useful, IMO. Babies look really cute in Bumbos, but once they are able to sit on their own (ard 6mths), they will start climbing out of it.
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    epidural or oxyen gas...

    Epi, please! Best thing ever!
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    My 1yr old refused to hold bottle by himself!

    My child is almost 15mths and can't hold her milk bottle either. She can hold her Mag mag straw cup and drink from it on her own though. Guess we just have to be patient and keep trying...
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    urgent! any PD open on sundays?

    Hi missblue, I've been searching for a PD that opens on Sunday too. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any. If it is an emergency, you will have to bring your child to KK Children's A&E.
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    Any recommend on 2in1 - Washer with Dryer?

    Try not to get 2-in-1s if you can. My experience with washers cum dryers has not been good. They tend to malfunction very often. As for having to remove half the load when it comes to drying, it's true. Cos if you don't, there won't be enough "space" for the clothes to dry properly.
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    Pacifier - to use or not to use?

    IMHO, if using a pacifier helps to calm your baby, and makes you a more-sane Mummy, then by all means use it. As for difficulties in weaning off the pacifier, it depends on your baby. Some babies wean off easily, others take more time.
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    Horrible headaches! Help!!

    I had terrible migraines when I was pregnant. The pain was intense and would last for days. I kept popping Panadol; took up to 8 a day. Sometimes, Panadol helped. Sometimes it didn't. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do except to try to relax and take approved pain-relief meds...
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    When will baby sleep thru the night?

    Seems like most unable-to-zzz-thru-the-night babies here wake up for milk. Any Mummies of babies here who wake up several times a night but NOT for milk? My child is 14mths and wakes up at least twice a night, sometimes up to 5 times...! I weaned her off night feeds at 7.5mths, so it's...
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    Travelling on Plane during 17+ weeks.

    Definitely, if she is not experiencing any complications. You will need a fit-to-fly letter from your wife's gynae though.
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    When will baby sleep thru the night?

    My girl is 14mths and still doesn't sleep through the night. She can wake up up to 5X a night! Not for milk though. She wants me to pat her back to sleep. It's really tiring. You can try the cry-it-out method; it's supposed to be very effective. But you have to harden your heart. I tried it...