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    any 2009 Children going nursery!!!

    Hi alice.. my girl girl just started on 1st feb.. so far so good.. seems fun for them to mix around :)
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    Bishan/ToaPayoh/Amk Mummies.

    Hi all.. staying in amk.. enrolled her child care.. starting feb 2012.. metropolitan child care which is just situated under my block.. currently facing issues on my own parents and in laws.. both side unhappy about each other way of taking care of the kid.. when me and my husband are working...
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    Bloom School of Music (AMK)

    Hi.. Any comments on this centre? Any feedback? experience? Early Childhood Music Programmes (From NB to 7 years old) Individual Instrumental Programmes (From 5 years old) Piano Keyboard Violin Drum Guitar Guzheng Music & Movement for Babies & Toddlers Art Lessons
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    Play Group 2012

    Hi.. I'm quite facing same scenario too.. My mum is taking care of her and they rather not let her go sch until 4 nursery.. Which in e first place I prefer 18 mths.. After negotiation we decided it will be 30mths onwards- play group.. We do notice that she is getting way out of control at...
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    Play Group 2012

    Hi, enrolled my girl at amk metropolitan... playgroup 2012; starting in Feb; Jan payment of school fees.. very hard to enroll.. waited very long until someone withdraw then finally got space.. $300+ after subsidy for working mum full day
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    Safe to color or highlight hair during pregnancy?

    i rebond and dye when i was preg too.. doc oso say no scientific to prove otherwise.. prob just old wive tale.. due to job nature.. hair has to be perfect.. my girl is ok.. no such thing as birth mark or anything..
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    5 in 1 jap - Non stop crying

    maybe see a doc? but fever is cfm related to jab. but sometimes some children have some dun have.. so also very hard to say..
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    MMR vaccine & Pneumococcal Vaccination

    National Immunisation Registry Check this hpb website for the schedule.. My girl going on wed for pneumococal and MMR. It's her first time for pneumococal and will be using medisave.. cus we take her at polyclinic..
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    try the bobbi brown creamy eye concealer.. gd for darkcircles..
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    what to wear after delivery in hospital? hospital wear or?

    When just push out, i rmb still wearing their hosp. 'gown' after awhile when i ok ler, then i change to my own sleep dress
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    Why is my 2 mth baby drinking lesser than usual?

    hard to say.. i ask pd b4.. they say so long as growing and healthy.. then nt a problem.. or can try 4 hrs milk time
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    Discussion about bottle steam steriliser

    U know the rubber that's wrapping up the electrical wire.. it just broke together with the wiring.. somemore i never twist and tie the wire de.. it's the lucky baby jazzy sterilizer
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    Discussion about bottle steam steriliser

    Dear mummies, I have encountered a problem with my steriliser, the connecting wire worn off after 1year.. how about u all? Is this a common problem?
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    First Year birthday - Summary of all events planning/resources/locations for 1st bdae

    Re: First Year birthday - Summary of all events planning/resources/locations for 1st Just to share.. Just celeberate my girl's 1st yr on 1st May 1) Celebrate at NSRCC (using active ns men name cheaper) very spacious and nice the enviornment NSRCC Take a look at the inside: NSRCC 2) Catering...
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    injection-PD,Polyclinic or GP?

    u can always call up polyclinic hotline to make appt.. my daughter's visits amk much easier for registration.. shortern the waiting period alot.. at most i only spend 1hr at there.. which sometimes go sbcc also need to wait.. once u go there.. after finish her jab, the nurse...