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    When to change milk bottle

    Hi, I am using avent milk bottles now. No defect so far but just wonder when long do mummies use the bottles? Thanks! :)
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    Who is ur gynae at KKH?

    Mine was A/Prof Han How Chuan :)
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    Cramps in the calf

    Very painful. I got it too, usually in the morning before i wake up..
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    Help!!!! My son is still not talking.....

    Hi mag_huiling, Thanks for sharing. Do we have to wait for long to see the child specialist from KKH? The speech therapy is done at KKH?
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    My 3 month baby haven shit for 4 days

    Hi, My baby is on BM last time and he do not pass motion for 5-6days. the pd says its ok.
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    Help!!!! My son is still not talking.....

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. We will check them out.
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    Help!!!! My son is still not talking.....

    Hi, Can share which speech therapist do you bring your child to? estimated cost? Thanks..
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    Help!!!! My son is still not talking.....

    My son is born Oct 2009, not talking too. Can only say Pa, Ma and mum mum. We talk to him everyday and try to get him to talk but he just look at us. The PD suggested to us to bring him to speech therapist if he still don't talk after joining the playgroup next year.. Anyone can share what...
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    Hi, sorry sold.

    Hi, sorry sold.
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    Does your baby still wakes up in the middle of the nite?

    My boy is 17 months and he is still waking up at night. To drink milk and sometimes just toss n turn n wake up... Sigh..... He likes to sleep on our bed too.
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    Liang Food Caterer

    Hi babyjas, I have pmed u. :)
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    Baby hands

    Yes, we did that to our baby last time.. We wrap with the cloth napkin. :)
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    Methods to stop breastfeeding

    Thats what i did too! :)
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    Liang Food Caterer

    Just for info for mummies who is looking for caterer. Liang Food caterer is on time delivering the food stuff on the day. We ordered extra stools which is quite "used". My MIL thought the stools were my neighbour's old stools put away at the lift waiting to be discarded. Food wise, the...
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    Baby pulling himself up in crib

    My son is also doing that! He will try to stand up immediately when he wake up, even in the middle of the night. I am a very light sleeper, so i managed to wake up whenever he did that.. I am just using cot bumper but no use, will still knock his head when he fall. He will always stand up...