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    Shichida Flash Cards using Right Brain Education Library

    Hi ChooSE, If you are looking for shichida flashcards to practice with your baby, this website is the one. All the flash cards you need follows Shichida method and I have the flexibility to teach on any devices. If your child is less than 1 year old the right brain library also have printable...
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    Shichida Flash Cards using Right Brain Education Library

    Hi, You are welcome!! Have you seen the new "Learn to read the time" flash cards? they just launch this new set of flash cards. My child has not fully master all the shichida math flash cards yet. Maybe once OK I will teach my baby to read the time.
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    Shichida Flash Cards using Right Brain Education Library

    Hi Simplicity Life, Throughout the years of being with the Shichida classes. Some classes moms are working together, helping one another, but most do not share. That a fact. Even if they share is not all or complete. Is the same as baking. Some moms share with you their secret recipe minus some...
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    Breast feeding can eat NUTS??

    Enjoy your nuts. If you take 5 raw almonds a day without the skin (soak over night - the almond skin are just harder to digest but I am just plain lazy and gobble the skin too) it will help in your calcium intake. You need them most especially when you are pregnant and breast feeding .
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    Glenn Doman vs Shichida vs NeuroTree ...

    Hey Ally, Yeah from what I understand from my child's teacher in Shichida, the 3 original schools are Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman. How do you define original schools? I asked the Shichida Sensei, she said these are the schools that have done research and are founder of the right...
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    i-Genius - right brain training

    Why stop Shichida classes because these two schools are not the same. I believe in phonic and it will help them with their spelling test when the kids are in primary level. Where as in math the younger child will learn faster with Shichida Method. That is because the right brain is at the...
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    Hair loss and thinning

    Good news is that when your body is adjusted back it will stop. I change my diet to less acidic food. Cutting down on acidic food and increasing more alkaline food. Black beans soup minus the meat also help in the hair colour and hair lost. Be patient and eat wisely.
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    Afraid that baby will think caregiver is mommy

    No worries on it. Just go with the flow they will soon know who is the mother. Just be a mom and do your routine of maybe feeding him or bathing him meaning there are certain things that you would do on certain hours. Or it could be certain days too. Children as they grow up they will learn and...
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    Anyone using Right brain education website and it has failed( error 500)

    Should be the same. I research about your concern too and found out for higher level in Heguru Japan they used video to do their high speed flashcards. They call it "Super Flashcard". It is said, the fast speed helps with speed reading and right brain activation.