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    Anyone learning Grade 7 piano

    Umm it really varies. Dunno how much the cheapest is, but a good piano teacher I had last time was around $200+ for 4 lessons and I heard that it can go all the way up to $80 per lesson for the very sought-after teachers
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    piano or violin?

    Hi, I've learnt both, but I picked up piano as a very young kid and violin only later, in secondary school. Personally I find that it may be better to give children a basic knowledge of music before seriously learning the instrument and piano might be better for that. At least for piano, you can...
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    Please recommend a good piano teacher

    Hi shin, It's never too early to start your child on music. In fact, the earlier the better as children are more receptive. Personally my mom started me at 2 for music appreciation classes haha, and I took Grade 1 at 5. I do know of many who started around there too, so I don't think 4 is too...