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    wondering where we can get or buy it.
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    left and right breast

    When u breastfeed, that's mostly happen..they other is bigger than the other side.
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    2.5 months baby drinking habit

    As long as your baby is growing and healthy.
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    papaya soup

    i'm also interested ti know and how ?
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    when can BB start drinking water?

    6 months or more if u start give cereal that's the time to drink water.
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    How to wean?

    wow that's pretty good :)
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    should I give fm?

    just give enfalac and keep latching on so that will supply will flows.
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    yes can breastfeed. :)
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    How long do you bf?

    12 months, so tired but i can manage.
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    Breastfeeding & firming breast cream

    And i believe here too. thank for the info.
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    Any breast feed mom out there?

    Hi angbao, my baby sleep when i feed :) i feel that she loved to latch.
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    Starting bottle at 6 months?

    how does it works when you used?
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    should i continue to breastfeed?

    It's true u must continue, why u stop. bf baby is required.