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    Black Friday Sales for baby products

    Hi mummies, Are you still preparing for the arrival of baby or still slowly adding on to the things you need as your baby grows?? I just found out there is and upcoming Black Friday Sales for baby and kids product by Bove! Which I never come across before. You can get more information here...
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    Anyone facing Pregnancy backaches & body pains?

    Hi mummies, When i have my first child in 2015 I had real terrible pain or should i say strain that my left leg could not bend like usual. Luckily I have my sis in law who is a physiotherapist who taught me some stretching to do everyday and things got better. Hence, I did the same stretching...
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    Facing back-pain issue?

    Mummies who are still waiting for the arrival of your little one. I wonder if you are like me facing with back pain due to the growth of your tummy as the weight is pulling down. I am planning to attend this seminar with the hope of gaining some techniques or ways to relieve my pain. Hence...
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    Seminar for mummies to be

    Hi 2018 expecting mummies, You might be keen to attend this seminar I have previously before I popped attend another pregnancy seminar organized by them and really find it very information. Most importantly it's affordable for couple ticket...
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    Learning about breastfeeding

    As you prepare fr the arrival of your little one there are many things to learn and breastfeeding is one aspect which i didn't know can be so challenging. I popped in March and thought that this event will be real helpful for mummies who have yet to pop.
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    Need some advice

    Hi there, Any parents brought your child along with you to attend parenting seminar. I am planning to attend seminar but will need to bring my 3 years old child along with me as there are no alternative caregiver available. Any advice of...
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    Finding the support

    Going into motherhood is definitely not an easy task for anyone. The journey involve not only the physical change but also the mental and more importantly the emotional changes. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the support available which you can tap on apart from your family. Thus I wanted...
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    Seminar for Pregnant mummies

    Hi all mummies who are expecting like me, I just wanted to share about the upcoming pregnancy seminar which I happened to chant upon. It will be touching on topics like how best to weigh delivery & labour options, & how to raise a smart baby which is something which recent news has been talking...
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    Valentine's Day Giveaway for expecting mummies!

    Hi mummies who are expecting! Just want to share with you this free deals especially for those who are planning to visit the March baby fair. Supermon is giving out 1,000 pieces of $10 supermom voucher for you to buy all your baby, kids & maternity necessities at our upcoming Baby Fair from 2-4...
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    Stand a chance to win $500 SuperMom Cash Voucher!

    Hi mummies, If you are like me planning to visit the Supermom Fair at MBS in 2018. You might want to try joining this contest as you might be able to win $500 SuperMom Cash Voucher to spend at the fair! For more details you can check it out here...
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    How to help your children develop a happy and healthy tummy

    Hi mummies, I happened to come across this information which I find it helpful for me as a first time parent. Hence, thought of sharing it :) Here's how we can help keep your child’s tummy happy and healthy! :)
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    Frisomum milk

    Any mummies drinking Frisomum milk or planning to start on pre-pregnancy milk? You can consider sign in up for this for free Frisomum sample at
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    Anyone EDD June 2018

    Wow! I just saw this support group for mummies who EDD in June! Am amazed and wonder if there are mummies her who EDD is June too?
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    Just to share, for mummies who are expecting don't miss out the chance to register for this seminar which is limit to 100 couples max! Currently the ticket is at $5 instead of $15! I personally feel that this seminar is worth going because it consist of Live demo on the following topic in...
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    Mega PlayDate held at Waterway Point

    Just to share, there will be a Mega PlayDate held at Waterway Point by Supermom this Children's Day weekend! Early bird ticket is $5 per child rather than $15. Furthermore, it consist of several activities/contests and 1) FREE Goodie Bag Worth $60 2) EXCLUSIVE EVENT DISCOUNT off premium Baby...