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    Basic facial housecall from $10

    hello mummies, We are opening more slots for home facial in this Feb Please PM me for available timing. Thank you
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    $1 a week

    Hey mummies, Just installed an app - curious cat. Its a free app to earn some quick cash rewards by answering paid surveys, you get instant payout direct to your PayPal account. Even if there are no surveys, you get to keep the points every week that translate into $1 weekly free...
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    I am a widower Indian single father

    hi Kumar, did you find a nice lady from this site? It is not easy for single parent to move on.
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    Basic facial housecall from $10

    Hi mummy, Sorry for late reply, I was out for town for entire Dec. Our products are made in USA, yes, cleaning and exfoliation is done through guasha facial. Please let in touch again if keen. Thank you.
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    Confinement service in Melbourne or Australia

    Hey mummies, i have a Malaysian friend in her late 40s that is available as confinement nanny in Aus from 2020. She has completed another assignment in Aus this time, hence visa will not allow her any more entry in 2019. Do pm if you need more info.
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    hihi any good confinement nanny to recommend?

    hi Jas, may I know when is your EDD? Got a Malaysian friend who is a confinement nanny, in her late 40s.
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    Basic facial housecall from $10

    Hey mummies, Opening up our housecall program again, basic facial from $10. Get in touch to book your slots now.
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    Work online for a daily income

    Work for your own self, not for the demanding company. A one-time small investment of US$40 for daily reward system. Most importantly, this is a LEGAL business. What you need is a laptop or mobile device. Do it anytime and anywhere. Please see it from the website: GOEX have their own peer to...
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    Online Business with daily income

    Hi mummies, It is not a quick get rich scheme, but it works if you have the vision and time. GOEX is a crowdfunding platform, it started in 2017 as an exchange but in April 2018, they open an investment platform based on crypto currency being exchanged. Invest minimum 40USD in this online...
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    2 bags of mix toys/kinetic sand/clothes/training pants

    Blessing above items for boys 3-4 yr old. Collection at 5 mins from pasir ris mrt.
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    Looking for supermarket receipts to buy

    Hello mummies, For Jan survey, my friend needs receipts for : 1) Anybrand of milk for 3-4 yr old. 2) Any brand of nappy for 3-4 yr old. we pay up to $20 for your receipts, Please PM me for more info. Thank you
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    Make money on social media
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    Make money on social media

    hi mummies, my $10 investment has grown to $14.05 now. I made 40% from my investment in Nov 2017. Join me now or PM me direct.
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    Housecall for facial

    Mummies who want to learn makeup can also be a model. This entitles you to a free gua sha session worth $68. Plêase PM me for dates. Thank you
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    Baking Class for Christmas & Party

    Next class is 16th Dec , 2 to 5 pm. $25 for 2 classes. Interested mummies, please drop me a line.