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    To leave or dilemma

    I fully understand the dilemma. "Always on the child", does not mean to be a good mom. Perhaps you would be a better mom if you are employed. A good mother can only be satisfied mom.
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    How do you praise your child's effort?

    I praised my children and sometimes celebrated their success. I have often praised them in my society and their friends.I did not reward them by money or gifts.
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    Tutor - pro and contra

    If you do not have enough time for your child, it is best to hire a tutor for a day learning. Don't look tutor in the advertising. Ask your friends, parents of your child’s friends, teacher at school ... He or she, primarily, must be a person who is a good pedagogue, positive and optimistic...
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    Kid Surname possible to change after divorce?

    The child usually suffers from divorce. Child wants to keep both parents in some way. Changing the surname would only increase the sense of loss.
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    do you all use any night lights for your child?

    I asked the psychologist. This is the answer: About 3 year may be a fear of the dark, which is often made concrete through the fear the child will be tripped in the dark, and hurt, that monster out of the closet or that it will spider bite and so on. This is the periods in which the intense...
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    Do you spank your kids to discipline them?

    I am against the spank. Its effects are short-lived. I think it is better to first, warn a child not to do something you do not want, to explain why, if child do not hear, there are 2 ways. First, if what he is doing is not dangerous for the child, let him experience the consequences of their...
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    Get sick easily after giving birth

    If you want to strengthen immunity, I suggest you to eat healthy. Signs, onion, garlic, chili peppers, meat, oranges, tangerines, lemons, fish, tuna, etc.. Stay away from chocolate. Shun away from energy and forest **** tablets. Yogurt is also a good thing. In the morning you can drink green tea.
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    Can bring milk bottle on flight?

    Yes, you can.Sometimes, an airport control requires that the mother drinks a sip of milk or water. It's only after some incidents.
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    Please help...

    In these situations, take the child in your arms, anoint him, kiss, have fun. Do not admonish him.
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    Hello from Serbia

    I am so glad, that I can participate in the forum. My brenging up expiriance may be usseful for moms and dads. I am 55 years old, electrical engineer with carier, and mom of douther 28 years old, master of language, owner of translations agency and son, 26 years old, Phd of Mehatronics...
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    What will you do??

    Please, find the reason, first! My son did not talk much and was unable to verbally oppose the children’s disputes, so he faugh them. It was his way of resolving conflicts. Of course, a fight would only further complicate the situation and would involve parents and teachers. Even today I cannot...