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  1. Carol

    Universal Studio

    Any mummies been to Universal Studio with their babies? Any breastfeeding rooms available there? I do know that they have a baby care center with diaper changing stations but not sure if they have any b-fing room.
  2. Carol

    Free Waxing

    My friend is learning waxing and she needs a few models . She'll be doing waxing for underarms , legs and bikini line . If you're interested , please pm me .
  3. Carol

    Brown Rice

    Which type of brown rice to give ? Just those normal type at Ntuc ? I've a pack at home . It's written 100% grain on the package . But still quite coarse aft I cooked it . Heard from my auntie have to press it through a sieve .
  4. Carol

    Egg Yolk

    When to introduce egg yolks ? I read from some websites that it's ok to introduce from 6 months onwards . And it's actually gd for the brain if yoiu start early . But from the weaning book I got , First Foods , it recommends to introduce only aft 9 months .
  5. Carol

    Sanitary pads

    Which brand you prefer ? For me , I like Modess .
  6. Carol

    K box or Partyworld ?

    Which one do you prefer ?
  7. Carol

    Skincare regime

    Care to share your skincare regime ? For me , will be cleansing first . Followed by Therapeutic skin freshner . Clindagel meant for pimples . Lastly , Therapeutic non-oily hydrator . Neutrogena hydrating mask once a week . Other than that , Im too lazy to do more .
  8. Carol

    Ideal type of house ?

    As above . Normal Hdb flat ? Terrace ? Bungalow ? Condominium ? For me I'd prefer condo cos of the facilities and cleanliness .
  9. Carol

    Favourite Tvb actors/actresses ?

    As above . My choices will be Bosco Wong , Bobby Au Yeung , Michael Miu and Tavia Yeung :001_302:
  10. Carol

    How often you give fruits ?

    As above . I heard too much of it cause phlegm ?
  11. Carol

    Car Seats

    Any brands to recommend ? And wad should I look out for when buying ? Going to get one for my Ds soon so need some help here :001_302:
  12. Carol

    How many hours of sleep per day ?

    As above ? I believe most mummies are so deprived of sleep . Just like me . Im turning into a Panda soon . Lol .
  13. Carol


    Any mask gd for removing blackheads ?
  14. Carol

    Egg white mask

    Anyone tried before ? First you beat the egg white until it's all foamy with tiny bubbles . Then soak a cotton wool in it , leave the cotton wool on your nose until it becomes hard . Leave it further on for 10 to 15 minutes . It's meant for removing blackheads . I heard from my mum that's wad...
  15. Carol

    Thawing of food cubes

    Refrigerator thawing , microwave thawing and submersion thawing . Which method actually works best ?
  16. Carol

    Please dun watch right aft a meal:)
  17. Carol

    Any gd eye cream/masks to recommend ?

    As above . I really need something for my panda eyes .
  18. Carol

    Cleansing oil/lotion

    Which brand are you using ? Do you prefer cleansing oil or lotion ? Im using Fancl cleansing oil but thinking of changing cos I suspect it gives me bumps .
  19. Carol

    Porridge for baby

    Hi mummies ! Im going to start cooking porridge for Ds soon . Other than spinach , what else can I add ? He's turning 6 months . Thanks in advance .
  20. Carol

    Upright positions of strollers

    When can I let my Ds sit on a more upright position instead of the inclined position he has been lying on since birth ?