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  1. CynCyn

    URGENTLY looking for babysitter at SengKang

    URGENTLY looking for babysitter at SengKang Any lobangs ? My contact 83994097 Cynthia , thanks !
  2. CynCyn

    Chloe's arrival

    My babygirl arrived on 21st April 2009 via natural birth without epidural . Labour was 4hours . Dr Adrian broke waterbag at 11.30pm , pushed her out with only one push at 3.30+am . Born at TMC . :)
  3. CynCyn

    Mum to be FREE GIFTS

    Gift packs worth more then $80 for preg mums . Dumex Singapore I have received my pack today . Doesn't look like it's worth $80 . No harm signing up since it's FREE . P/S : Can actually bluff that your preg. since they send the pack via normal mail . Comes with some vouchers , -...
  4. CynCyn

    Huggies diapers super sale @ gmarket, Free shipping with no min. purchase

    Just to share this great deal . Have ordered mine . Newborn diapers 24pcs going for $4.40 . Retails for 24pcs is $8.90 Free delivery with any purchase . Whilst stock last . Also have different type of huggies diapers and sizes ...
  5. CynCyn

    TMC Bill for 1 bedded

    Any mummies stay 1 bedded natural birth ? How much cash to be paid for deposit ? And how much can claimed from medisave ? Thanks .
  6. CynCyn

    Confinement Tingkat

    Anyone catered confinement tingkat , any to recommend ? Kindly keep to the topic .
  7. CynCyn

    What are the benefits of breastfeeding ?

    Im intending to total bf bb but would also like to know the benefits of bfeeding ? I understand its good for the child but how so ?
  8. CynCyn

    Bill for normal delivery at TMC

    Anyone delivered via normal delivery at TMC ? Hw's the charges like for 4bedded auto upgrade 2 bedded ? How much can be claim using Medisave and how much to pay upfront deposit ? Thanks .
  9. CynCyn

    How to marinate chicken wings ?

    How to marinate chicken wings ? Pls share . Use what kind of flour and sauce ? Thanks .
  10. CynCyn

    shichida method

    The Shichida Method Any reviews on this ? Is it good ?
  11. CynCyn

    Venue of your 21st birthday .

    Pardon me if i posted this topic in the wrong section . Can anyone share where you held your 21st birthday party at ? Any chalet , resorts or country clubs recommendation ? Other then downtown east & coasta sands chalet . Thanks in advance .
  12. CynCyn

    Key shaped cakes for 21st birthday .

    My Dh's 21st birthday is next month . Any recommendation on key shaped cakes for 21st birthday ? Thanks .
  13. CynCyn

    My son turned 1 . (n_n)

    Happy 1st birthday to my baobei son Brayden . He turned 1 on 18 December 2007 .
  14. CynCyn

    Ds Lite or PSP ?

    Deciding between a DS LITE or PSP ? Which would you settle on & which is worth the buy ? Your views ?
  15. CynCyn

    First day at work

    Can anyone share yr first day at work ? Now I'm fretting over what kinda people i'll meet , nice ones or nasty ones . And my main concern is wait no one to lunch with . I don't wanna be a loner and eat on my own ... Haha !
  16. CynCyn

    Anyone working at Orchard ?

    Any mummies here working at Orchard , 15 Cainhill place . Beside Paragon ?
  17. CynCyn

    I will miss my son ...

    After being a full time mother for 11months I decided to embark my journey in my career and finally got a job . My Ds will be in the care of a nanny but 1 thing is I will miss my son . And I won't have much time to spend with him except for after work and weekends . Right at the thought of me...
  18. CynCyn

    Commonly asked interview questions

    Hi all , can share with me what are the commonly asked interview questions to enable yrself to score better for a job interview . I know nuts about it and whenever the interviewer bombard me with questions I'd be tongue tied I do not know how to answer their weird questions . Pls share as I'm...
  19. CynCyn

    Urgent : Nanny needed at SengKang / Hougang area

    Urgent : Nanny needed at SengKang / Hougang area I need a trustworthy and reliable nanny . Anyone to recommend .
  20. CynCyn

    Agency for nannies ?

    Is there any agency whereby I can hire trustworthy nannies ?