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  1. meiteoh

    Jamu while breastfeeding

    Can anyone share if taking jamu pills (for weight) while breastfeeding is okay? Am thinking of taking some by Mustika Ratu but am not sure if it's okay since I'm still BFing.
  2. meiteoh

    Thoughts on push walkers

    Hey folks, I'm thinking of getting a push walker for Eva (not the traditional type) as a belated birthday present and was wondering if anyone has recommendations or tips on what to watch out for when buying a push walker. So far, from other friends, I've got recommendations for TOMY because...
  3. meiteoh

    Dwindling milk supply...

    ...and nothing works. So I just want to rant. :X I've tried nursing teas, relaxation methods, massages and such but my milk supply is dropping. :( Since I started work, my supply had been a steady 2-3 oz per pump (three times during the day) and if I took nursing tea, I'd end up with super...
  4. meiteoh

    Recommendation of lawyers

    Hey ladies! Am in the middle of condo/apartment hunting so am on the lookout for a lawyer to draft the S&P and such. Any recommendations?
  5. meiteoh

    Pumping moms!

    Calling all pumping moms... I need your suggestion/advice/recommendation/etc. I bought an Avent Thinsulate to store the milk I pump out at the office plus my Avent pump comes with a bag BUT here's the problem - both are not big enough for the pump, 3-4 four oz bottles plus my wallet, handphone...
  6. meiteoh

    Comfy shoes for work

    Anyone has any recommendation on shoes that will be comfy to walk in yet look great at the office? Coz I'll be walking to work/MRT and back every day plus am going to carry stuff with my baby on the way back. Am wondering if Clarks is better than Hush Puppies or any regular brand with a low...
  7. meiteoh

    Semolina or spelt

    Has anyone given these to their babies before? Just wanna check. :)
  8. meiteoh

    Preparing for a babysitter

    I managed to find a babysitter already and am going back to work soon so am wondering what to prepare on a daily basis and what I can dump with her. So need to know what other mummies are doing out there as well. In my case, I'm thinking of depositing baby wipes, nappy liners as well as some...
  9. meiteoh

    Teething and diaper rash

    Eva has never had any diaper rash at all but these past few days, when her two teeth started cutting through, her bum is suddenly red and has tiny bumps on them - ARGH, diaper rash! I'm putting some barrier cream and using a nappy liner coz I'm using cloth diapers but anyone had the same...
  10. meiteoh

    BFing and working after being SAHM

    I have a quick question - I might be going back to work. Although it's not really confirmed yet, I don't want to be caught without a backup plan. Eva has been doing the whole latch on thing since Day 1, so she has never tried the bottles and I don't really pump save for those days when I had...
  11. meiteoh

    Activities at infant care or babysitter

    Quick question since I am on the lookout for a babysitter/infant care for my daugther: 1) For those who send their kids to babysitters, do you know what activities your babysitter has done with your children - playtime, educational TV and etc? 2) For those who send their kids to infant care...
  12. meiteoh

    Pigeon Mag Mag spout top - cleaning it.

    HELPPPPP! I've been taking it apart and washing it every day and yet, I get some ugly dark spots on the underside of the spout teat. I tried scrubbing it and it won't come off. When I first used it, it wasn't there and now, instead of one spot, I have three! What the heck am I doing...
  13. meiteoh

    Going bonkers!

    It's been three days since I've had any time to breath - need some advise/insight. Since Sunday, Eva has been very grouchy, whiny and just overall babbly. Usually she would take one nap in the morning, and two in the afternoon (morning is on her playmat, afternoon is in the crib and swing)...
  14. meiteoh

    Should I be worried?

    Poo question coming up! Eva started solid food on the 5th with the four day rule in place. I didn't track her poo in the first week but it was still quite liquidy like BM poo. When we were into the 3rd day of peaches (I started with rice for four days and then peach), it got pasty and she...
  15. meiteoh

    Water, BM or FM?

    Today is Eva's second day on solid food - we started a little earlier than the 6 mth mark because she was showing really keen signs of eating while we were in Bali. For her first meal, I am giving her one heaped teaspoon of Heinz rice cereal mixed in with at least four to five tablespoons of...
  16. meiteoh

    I wanna rant...

    ...about my parents. =.= My daughter fell from the sofa yesterday while she was flipping around, half asleep (she takes all her naps on the sofa since we moved to SG), and landed on the carpet. Even though she cried initially, she calmed down quite fast, was a little stickier than usual but had...
  17. meiteoh

    Would you... the cops if you heard your neighbours screaming and shouting, and see two guys fighting? Am asking because just moments ago, the cops came to our apartment. About 20 minutes earlier, we were happily watching TV when I heard some fighting going on. At first I ignored it because it...
  18. meiteoh

    Clueless about babysitters

    This is sort of a rush - I need to meet a recruiter this Thursday and is exploring the option of leaving Eva with a babysitter for a few hours. If all goes well, I might even decide to hire the person full time. The thing is this - I have absolutely no idea what I have to do prior to sending...
  19. meiteoh

    Babysitter recommendation @ Bedok/Eunos/Tampines

    Am planning to go back to work - part-time or full-time - soonish and would like to get some recommendations for a babysitter around the Bedok/Eunos/Tampines area (am staying at Bedok Res Rd). Infant care is out as hubby and I are non-Singaporeans. Anyone with any contacts?
  20. meiteoh

    Is it just me?

    I feel the need to rant...about my neighbour's kids. =.= Every noon and 5pm, whenever they pass my apartment, they would scream, and shout on the top of their voices plus stomp their feet as well. I've tried shutting the door and windows but I can still hear them clearly. The trouble is that...