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  1. LisaCampbell

    Honeywell Air Purifier 18450

    I tried to use an ozone generator, and it's not that good. It's not cheap, and you can't use it while somebody is in the room. Somehow I was living without it, so I don't see much need. But anyway, the air in the house must always be fresh and clean. Not me neither my spouse can install an air...
  2. LisaCampbell

    wad Skin care r u using ?

    Or maybe something truly south-asian?
  3. LisaCampbell

    wad Skin care r u using ?

    Is there some local brands?
  4. LisaCampbell

    Androids-App Kids paint

    In 2021 it's much easier to find something decent among child's apps
  5. LisaCampbell

    Art teacher for my girl

    Thanks for posting
  6. LisaCampbell

    Secondary English Group Tuition @ Bishan

    Can anyone recommend English groups for babies 3-5 y.o.? I'm planning to settle in Singapore in the summer, so I don't know which one is best. I'm searching for something like, but for kids. In Florida, there are plenty of such groups. I've heard that you have even more. It would...
  7. LisaCampbell

    Dr Jazlan Joosoph - Raffles Hospital

    I looked for this doctor, but now I doubt
  8. LisaCampbell

    Newborn Photography.

    Who can recommend good photographer?
  9. LisaCampbell

    biggest day in your life ?

    My greatest day will come in just a few months
  10. LisaCampbell

    Hi I am a new member!

    Hi, I'm new here too. Currently I'm in USA, but soon will move to Singapore.