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  1. SunShine07

    Good Filipino Maid for Transfer

    Hi I have a maid for transfer. I would rate her :- Housekeeper 9/10 Childcare 7/10 Cooking 7/10 Cleaniness 8/10 English 7/10 Reliable 8/10 I cannot afford to have her anymore that's why help her to look for a good employer to take over. She had been with me for 1.5 years she took care of...
  2. SunShine07

    Recommand VBAC Gynae

    Hi, can someone recommand me as my good friend is preggy. First child breech position that's why c-section and miserable. Very keen on nautral birth for the 2nd one. please recommand :001_302: thanks!!!
  3. SunShine07

    My boy still want to poo in his diaper

    Hi mummy, anyone encounter this. I have tried hard to toilet train my boy. Passing urine is perfectly ok, but when poo poo, he would wait to wear his diaper then poo, if not he won't poo for the whole day!:embarrassed: I don't know how to toilet train him with his poo poo. Any mummy got...
  4. SunShine07

    Some advise needed

    Hi, as i am going thru a divorce now. Not very sure of some issue. Is it possible not to let the father visit my son if i got the custody? Can i sell of my flat less than five years, (it will reach next year Aug) if i divorced earlier than that? i understand from some ppl that some good...
  5. SunShine07

    Change of user name

    Hi, I wonder if i can change my user name? I dun wanna use his surname...... anyone help? :) TIA
  6. SunShine07

    Divorced Mum

    Hi all, finally after so many things happen to my marriage life, i really decided to get a lawyer to divorce. Anyone can recommand one, i am financially tight as i need to take care of one 2yr old son. Can it be made by monthly installment? I wonder if next time my son register for school or...
  7. SunShine07

    No peace!

    Wonder who can help. I feel my life had got no peace. I offen feel threathen that I will lose my job. We now living separated, he is living in JB and me in SG. I used to stay there and reason why i left him was because he ever hit me (many times in the past years) an affair which i feel i...
  8. SunShine07

    No email notification?

    Hi, was wondering wat happen. recently i can't seem to receive any email from all the thread that i subscribe. have test on my send and receive mail, it is ok. can advise? thank you
  9. SunShine07

    Renting HDB 3 Room flat

    Hi all, i am renting my 3 room flat unit at Bedok north Ave 4, opp 85 market. Fully furnished with air-con in the master bedroom cooling and quiet surroundings. Prefer to rent to small family. Unit available on Nov 2009. Interested please contact me at 91001293. :)
  10. SunShine07

    Any Regrets???

    What is ur regrets? What are the mistakes made that you feel very regret?
  11. SunShine07

    swimming with diapers???

    Hi mummies, Did you let ur ds/dd wear diaper when swimming? I never let my son wear, as i tot it shouldn't be until i realised that someone advertise such diaper meant for bb who swim. I wonder if i did the wrong thing that i didn't let my son wear them :embarrassed:
  12. SunShine07

    2nd birthday ideas

    My son's 2nd birthday approaching soon....anyone care to share how you celebrate for the 2nd birthday? Any ideas which don't need to spend too much $$$:Dancing_wub:
  13. SunShine07

    Can I buy the flat back?

    Hi would like to seek some advice. If we divorce, can i buy back the flat? My husband is a Singapore PR. We bought a 3rm flat in Aug 2005 using gov grant $30,000 and also parent grant $10,000. Currently, i am using my CPF to pay for the flat ($300/month) i wonder if i can buy it back if...
  14. SunShine07

    To stay together or not?

    Hi all, Now i am rather confused, my hb had been asking me to go back to him. Said that he will change for better and even willing to sacrified, to stay in sg (he prefer to stay in malaysia) and sold his house in malaysia. He dun like to stay in sg as he ever said this to me b4. He said he...
  15. SunShine07

    Who take care of of them?

    Hi Single mum, like to find out how you manage to work and take care of your ds or dd if you need to work? Who help you to take care?
  16. SunShine07

    Maths tutor for special need student

    Hi, My neice is in P1 this year. Looking for a good tutor to teach her, as my sister don't know how to teach her to make her have a better understanding. Because my neice has difficulties understanding the concept when we teach her, and her current tutor also don't know how to teach her...
  17. SunShine07

    Worried about speech

    My boy just turn 18mth old, but still can't talk. He can only say words like 'cat, dog, duck, papa' which is still not very accurate in pronouncation. I am pretty worried. Any mummy also face the same issue?
  18. SunShine07

    Watching TV

    Hi all, Is it ok for 18mth old boy to watch tv like those cartoons or educational cartoon CD? Hear from a friend that if they watch too much will cause hyperactive, and they won't be able to concentrate or sit still??? I let my son watch like 1 hour everyday, is it too much?
  19. SunShine07

    Breakfast for your ds/dd?

    Hi all, My 18mth old son recently don like to take cereal and bread as well. Any other alternative for breakfast? What do you normal feed your ds/dd for breakfast?
  20. SunShine07

    Tip for Home Decorating Ideas

    It may seem rather intimidating to think about decorating your own home. Lots of people just live with things the way they find are. Others get the help of professionals, since they have no clue what they like or what approach to take! Your home is your personal space. If you need help ask for...