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  1. SH74

    Misbehaved children?

    wat's ur view on this? is it normal? is the child considered misbehaved child? or strong survival skill? or rebellious? or spoilt? or normal for a 30mth old child? Examples : 1) if a 30mth old child loves to purposely hog / snatch toys away by force fr his playmate 24 mth old, knowing dat...
  2. SH74

    all the good stuff...

    realised that we alw talk abt unhappy things abt our family members (be it maid, hubby, kids, parents, siblings, in laws,...) so thought can start a thread about all the good things our family members did for us. sometimes we take them for granted without realising it. let us all appreciate...
  3. SH74

    hi all mothers

    i'm a 4+ months old mummy. taking care of my son full time. for the time being. hope to gain more knowledge from here and also share experiences with you all. :tlaugh: