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  1. babymoon

    Why Nobody Join My Business Opportunity?

    If you are promoting your company opportunity like elken, xango, monavie, amway, melaleuca etc or you are looking for some home business opportunity, then this is the very important message for you. First, I'm not here to promote my own company or business opportunity I have. I've decided to...
  2. babymoon

    Invitation to Join "Featured Mompreneur" - Work at Home Mom Group!

    Hi Moms, If you are a Mompreneur or Blogging Mom, I hereby invite you to join the "Featured Mompreneur" and "Blogging Moms" under Mompreneur Asia. :) My website has more than 500 page views per day and I will actively promote these 2 groups. Featured Mompreneur: Featured Mompreneur |...
  3. babymoon

    Postnatal Jamu Massage

    hey hey.. anyone tried postnatal jamu massage before? I'm expecting my No.2 and got friend intro me postnatal jamu massage and said got lots of advantages. So, want to know everyone here tried before and got effectiveness? here's the site: Singapore- Origins Jamu Massage - Home give me some...
  4. babymoon

    $$$ - How to start business online? Make money online?

    Hihi, I start this topic because I know lots of moms here have your blogs or websites selling some products. And I also visited some of buddies websites here and feel that your business have lots of potential to grow. I have almost finished my course in Internet Marketing and I know how to...
  5. babymoon

    Urgent~~Dumex Mamil Gold Off Shelves???

    This morning I heard from my friend that Dumex Mamil Gold stage 1-3 off shelves??? :eek: Anybody heard about this news??? My babymoon taking stage 3, so dunno how and dunno what to do at this moment..
  6. babymoon

    Help~~Should I buy swimsuit for babymoon?

    Help! I'm bringing babymoon to sentosa beach this coming sunday and this is the first time she goes to the seaside.. I intend to buy her a bikini swimsuit BUT.. my sis said "toddler dun need lah, let them be NATURAL.. naked.. haha" my mom said "seldom bring her go swim, wear one time only...
  7. babymoon

    Any Blogger Mom Here?

    Would like to gather all blogger mom here! I start my blogging life since June and I totally don't know how to do blogging but later I learn step by step and now I have 2 blogs. One blog is about my babymoon and I blog about her activities and parenting. Another blog is my own blog and I...
  8. babymoon

    BabyMoon here!

    Hi everybody! I'm mommy Moon and my 2 yrs old daughter is BabyMoon :tlaugh: Why I name my baby - Baby Moon? It's because my name is Moon and my baby is "Baby Moon". :win: So I wonder if I have another baby, should I call her Baby Moon No.2? :err: Anyway, nice to meet you all mommy here and hope...