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  1. chuaeil

    Any recommentation

    Hi anyone, have any lobang for nanny at sembawang taking care baby day and night. what is the price? Thank you
  2. chuaeil

    Dose anyone BF while pregnant, need help urgently

    Hi, any mum got pregnant while still breastfeeding? Do you still continue to breastfeed or you stop cause the doctor did ask me to stop, she said might have the risk of miscarriage but is not 100% it will cause miscarriage. I can't stop out of sudden and can't just wean of my dd (9mth) out of...
  3. chuaeil

    Any idea?

    Hi anybody have any idea how to celebrate baby 1st birthday? I relly can't think of where ot help at. Pls share..... Eileen
  4. chuaeil

    pls help

    Hi morning to all mummies and daddy here, I am doing on a survey on the shoes price which is the comfort price that you will buy for this kind of shoes or you won't even consider buying it. Can all of you kindly pls help me to give some advice? Thanks a million.:001_302: A- $30.50, B-...
  5. chuaeil

    What do you all think?

    Hi, i need some feedback. Do yuo store puree in the freezer cos some said ok to do that some said not ok. Some said not ok is because bb should not eat overnight food. I need all mummies to feedback Thank a million. :) Cheers Eileen
  6. chuaeil

    anybody can advice??

    Hi, i intend to sent my girl to GUG or JG but both are quite expensive. What is the best age to sent her cos don't want to waste my money. I was thinking 1 or 2 yr. Or any recommendation similar to the both sch? Thank you very much. Cheers Eileen
  7. chuaeil

    urgent need advice

    Hi all mummies, I need advice for home make brown rice. I just start my baby on ceral i understand for the start must mix in BM like water for her to start but how many tea spoon and in future if wants to make it into ceral how many tea spoon to put leh??? Thanks a million Eileen
  8. chuaeil

    Interested to join to print flashcard?

    Hi evevrybody, interested to share to print 500 flashcard using plastic card. This plasti card is very good, water proof, dont need to laminate and can protect the card so that it wont turn yellow. If wants to see the plastic card material i can ask the person to bring the card for us to see and...
  9. chuaeil

    East side mummies

    HI Mummies, any east side mummies interested to form a group for parenting, education etc disscussion. Exhange ideas and products to help each other save money. mum kids rage from 0mth-3yrs old, older kids mum can help us to share with your exprience. Have to be East side only cos easier for us...
  10. chuaeil

    Great News

    HI any mother wants to get montly Online mother magazine for FRE!!! It consists of Parenting Tips, Vitamin & Children's Health, Book and Toy Reviews, Ask the Experts, Bonding Activities, DIY Learning Materials, Competition and many more. Don't miss it. PLs list down your email add and i will...
  11. chuaeil

    Care to share Your Baby can Read exprience?

    Hi, My baby have been watching Your Baby can Read Dvd and doing flashcard with her since she is 3 mth old till now is going to 5 mth old. Then I tried to test her yesterday and she seem to know which one is the correct. I put 2 words together and ask her which is the word Clap and she will use...
  12. chuaeil

    any mum got menses when still Breastfeeding?

    I would like to know any BF mum got menses when still BF cos i had mine already. I heard someone said you wont have menses when you BF but how come i have? is it Normal? Cheers Eileen
  13. chuaeil

    baby phlegm

    Hi any mummies can advice on this matter? My bb gal got a lot of phlegm that make her cough and she cant sleep properly, so poor thing. She have seen a Doc liao but just wonder any mummies encounter this and any advice on this? My bb gal is going to 5 months soon and she is fully BF. Thanks in...
  14. chuaeil

    Psp games

    Anybody know where and how to download FREE PSP games??? Care to share???
  15. chuaeil

    need all mummy recommendation

    Hi all mummy, which brand of brown rice cereal is good? Any recommendation? Thank you so much ya... :tlaugh:
  16. chuaeil

    Kids' lungs benefit from longer breast feeding

    Kids' lungs benefit from longer breast feeding | Health | Reuters Keep it up to all breastfeeding mum.... Cheers:Dancing_wub:
  17. chuaeil

    mushroom soup

    anybody know how to cook nice mushroom like the restaurant? the dark col one. dont know you all know what im talking abt
  18. chuaeil

    Bathing question??

    Hi all mummy, what is it mean when you all said sponge the baby?
  19. chuaeil

    Baby Cereal

    When can my baby start on cereal? Currently she is going to 3 mth, she is fully BF. Pls advice. Thank you
  20. chuaeil

    The dangers of baby oil

    Here is a news article on ingested baby oil. The dangers of baby oil - Today Tonight