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  1. fioncess

    To do or not to do MCU

    Need some advise from the parents here. Abt 2+mth ago my 11mth daughter got UTI and was admit to the hospital for 3day 2night. During the stay we did ultrasound n blood test for her kidney. ultrasound looks ok. blood test was normal. when we went back to the PD for post check up. the PD ask us...
  2. fioncess

    Lady GaGa's New Look Includes Leg Amputation

    Read the link... Lady GaGa's New Look Includes Leg Amputation scary....
  3. fioncess

    wat brand termal flask & foodjug??

    Im thinking of buying thermal flask n foodjug to bring porr out for dd.. any recommend?? i think alot of ppl using tiger brand.. can store till 8hrs still hot.. how abt other brands??
  4. fioncess

    Stop BF due to going holiday?

    My Baby is almost 5mths nw. Since she is born till now she is fully on Breast milk but on some occasion she did have FM. But at night for the past 5mth she is being latch on every single night, not even 1 night of EBM. NOw i gt a headache... im going on hoilday in feb, but my baby cannot dun...
  5. fioncess

    wat formula recommend for 1mth bb?

    I want to intro formula to my 1 mth old baby as i going to wrk very soon. Wat do you all recommend?? so many diff brand n type , see until my eyes blur blur...
  6. fioncess

    BF cause BB stomach to be bloated??

    Will breastfeedin cause baby stomach to be bloated?? Cos my bb is 100% on breastfeedin and she has big bloated stomach. is it normal for newborn to have bloated stomach or breastfeedin causes it?? wat shld i do abt it??
  7. fioncess

    Breastfeed interval.

    I'm having a 18 day old baby & i have been on total breastfeeding. As my milk flow is quite alot so i feed her only on 1 breast for 5 to 10 mins n baby will feel full alr. but her drinking interval is 1.5 hr to 2hr. Is it normal for baby on total breastfeeding?? I tried to feed her more to...
  8. fioncess

    Urgently looking for infant care. gt any to recommend??

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for infant care to look after my newborn baby as im going back to work in 2 mths time. Anyone gt good infant care to recommend?? Is there any near tiong bahru area??
  9. fioncess

    Bleeding after 1 check for dilation

    Hi everyone jus wanna ask if anyone has the same experience as me. i went for my dilation check ytd for the 1st time, baby engage but my cervix nt open yet.. When doc put in her finger to check it was so painful. After tt it start to bleed a little. Few hrs later it bled till it overflow my...
  10. fioncess

    Feeling Guilty for nt working...

    I'm 37 week preg by this weekend.. I stopped working last week cos now i always cant sleep at nite and will feel very tired as it's my first baby.. Only 3rd day at home and i'm feeling very guilty for stop working already. although my hubby want mi to stop working.. I see my hubby start wrk...
  11. fioncess

    Documentry "IN THE WOMB"

    Hi Everyone out there, I'm looking for a dvd "IN THE WOMB". It was show on scv in april. My EDD is in July so i hope to watch it before my baby is born. Does anyone have any idea where i can buy or rent it? COs i cant seem to find it... Or do anyone have tt i can borrow or buy from??