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  1. almond

    Sigh... baby not drinking again....

    super sianz... super stress... 24hrs never drink milk already... don't know what is wrong with him... anybody got similar encounter? :embarrassed:
  2. almond

    MummySG Night Owls Club

    Hi there! Anyone still awake and browsing with me? Me, the male almond, female almond sleep already Thought of setting up a NIGHT OWLS CLUB here...anyone wanna join me? Tonight join you, tomorrow i reconsider. Lol... Things to discuss: 1. Why so late still neb sleep? watching dvd that i...
  3. almond

    What do you miss most?

    Hello daddies and mommies, what do you miss most after becoming a parent?? For me, i miss the days when i'm still dating my wife with my 'sport car'... also miss the freedom we had as husband and wife, i.e. can go on tour as and when we like, can stay out late, etc. what about you guys and...
  4. almond

    Sigh... my Ds more interested in playing

    haiz... Ds more interested in playing, not interested in drinking... keep "singing song", and talking baby language. To him, drinking milk is more painful than giving him injection... sigh.... How ar?? :embarrassed:
  5. almond

    Mahjong Now? 20-02-2009

    as above, mahjong now. anybody interested? Sms at 92257005. :Dancing_wub:
  6. almond

    Mahjong Session in the West

    Anybody interested in playing this friday?
  7. almond

    Morning Everyone!!!

    Er... 2month plus newdie daddy.... A lot of useful info i can find here.... Lol :Dancing_wub::Dancing_tongue: