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  1. LaricTraic

    Change state drivers license?

    If I move from my home state to a medical college, do I need to get a new driver's license? Couldn't I just keep using my original license? What other things did you guys encounter when you left to study at a medical school in another state?
  2. LaricTraic

    Subscription Based Services

    I have been seeing these more and more. Tacklebox company, SA, etc... It seems this is gaining traction. We where talking about this yesterday in the shop. It seems that for the price that you spend you really are not getting anything extraordinary. If you where to pay a monthly subscription fee...
  3. LaricTraic

    Property as investment: Still a good idea?

    How many have property as one arm of your diversified investments? Buy to Lets? With new laws reducing mortgage payments as deductibles, is it still worth keeping a portfolio? I must be something of a misanthrope, as I hate dealing with people directly, :), so wonder if I should off-load my...
  4. LaricTraic

    Show Your Flag(s)! (or someone else's)

    Hello everyone I was looking for the flag stream and didn't find it, so I started this one. This topic is open to any flag that complies with the rules of publication on this forum. These can be flags of countries, national flags, sports flags, holiday flags, pirate flags, etc. Please remember...
  5. LaricTraic

    Photo looks "soft" and not sharp when zoomed in. Help Anyone?

    Hi, I am new here and and a fairly new photographer as well (Been shooting consistently for about a year now). I have noticed that most of my photos look really clear on camera. But when I go to edit them and I'm zoomed in, I notice that the image is not sharp, but rather fuzzy or grainy. I'm...
  6. LaricTraic

    Best os to pentest on?

    I'm on kali linux Whats the best os to use tools like metasploit on?
  7. LaricTraic

    Where the hell do you put furniture if getting a new carpet.

    Under pressure now. The Mrs wants a new carpet. We live in a small house and probably the same issues for everyone. I've got no room to move furniture anywhere within the house if we get some carpet fitted. What is your experience of this and best way to go about it.
  8. LaricTraic

    Where can I find minecraft servers?

    I saw my brother playing minecraft on servers with mods! Where can I find the same servers?
  9. LaricTraic

    Small Business Airline Contracts?

    When I worked for a very large corporation, we had contracts with certain airlines, like any large corporation. The discounts were quite significant, almost 50% lower than the usual tariff. Today I have a small company that I founded, with a total of 6 employees. We fly a lot, mostly...
  10. LaricTraic

    You Make Your Money When You Buy

    IMO ??
  11. LaricTraic

    Arc welding on E450 chassis

    Like most class-C motorhomes, my 2017 E450 came with one battery mounted under the entry step. I've already added a second battery, end-to-end with the first one. Now, I'm thinking of adding two more behind the first two, but that is going to require some additional brackets. My local welding...
  12. LaricTraic

    Blood Donation

    Just heard on the news that blood donors are still needed desperately to keep on donating. I am due to donate in early April, and certainly intend to go unless I am not well. My daughter in law works for the National Blood Service, and says they have not been so busy as appointments have been...
  13. LaricTraic

    Night Light

    Went to Harbor Freight to get an ATV battery (those work good btw) with my expiring 20% off coupon. Out of stock, but I noticed this solar powered, lithium battery, motion heat detecting outside LED light so I grabbed that, so as not to waste the trip, or the coupon. I'm not using the solar...
  14. LaricTraic

    Old furniture. How much does it cost?

    I want to sell my vintage antique furniture. How do I do this? How to evaluate furniture ?