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  1. lawla12

    cant change avatar

    a few of us encounter problems changing avatar...any1 else encounter the same problem too?? Mr Admin----any idea?
  2. lawla12

    Singapore Thong Chai Medical (Tong Ji)

    did u all watch the charity show @ chnl 8?? Mark Lee went there to see the sinseh there after trying for 8years but no luck...his wife see the sinseh for less than a year, she strike liaooo... another case the woman had miscarriage twice within a year, oso went Tong Ji...she see the sinseh...
  3. lawla12

    Dim Sum List

    heloo....saw tis dim sum list from website....**but i dont know nice or not*** ENJOY ENJOY~:o16::o16::o16::o16: Asia Grand Restaurant 331 North Bridge road #01-02 Odeon towers Mon to Sat 11.30am – 2.30pm Sun 10am – 2.30pm Tel: 6887 0010 Bosses 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-156/157...
  4. lawla12

    any1 take cordyceps during TTC?

    pple keep telling me its good its good...ask me to take while me ttc-ing.... but its really costly..... any1 taking cordyceps during TTC? can share?? how do i know which grade/ from which country is good?
  5. lawla12

    cant load forum

    any1 experience tat??? it started last sunday......on n off, i cant load the forum....i tried using 2 pc, 1 lappie, oso cant load.... the whole of yst nite, i cant load too... i can access other websites n play fb except tis forum....:embarrassed::embarrassed: y like tat arrr????
  6. lawla12

    Ovulation kit, Temperature or Milky discharge--which is more accurate?

    Any idea which of the below method -using ovulation kit -taking temperature evy morn -milky discharge to determine when is ur ovulation timing? Per my understanding to my western gynae, she din comment much on the methods. She just ask me to monitor using ovulation kit. However per my...
  7. lawla12

    Does ur mthly AF discharge haf those "lump lump/jelly jelly" thing?

    Understand from gynae tat those "lump lump/jelly jelly" type of substance evytime when our AF comes r actually leftovers discharge of previous AF cycle tat was not flow out of our body properly. She mentioned that normal AF shd not haf much of those substance n the blood colour shd b fresh red...
  8. lawla12

    fake acrylic nail art

    any1 know where got sell the above??? (online or shop oso can) my nail is abit sell smaller size deeee acrylic maaa?? or izzi all standard size deee?
  9. lawla12

    how to get rid of lizards?

    i stay at the highest level. Lately, there's hugh increase of lizards (usually its big size dee...but lately, i can see baby lizards too) .... they love to crawl into my house through the main door or windows..... i oso see some crawling in from the hole (where the washing machine drain area...
  10. lawla12

    channel U buffet

    got tis email.....those buffet r from channel U variety...(but i tink its not complete leh...LOL) Its buffet time!!!!! 1st episode on dinner buffets ... here are the details: 1. For lunch buffet below $20, Geek Terminal at Market Street ( @ $13.90 per...
  11. lawla12

    纪佳松 - 每天

    duno who's he....newcomer i tink....but i like tis song...kekekee
  12. lawla12

    HaPpY AdVanCe BiRtHdAy tO CaNcAn & aLmOnD

    HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY TO CANCAN BOSSIE + ALMOND ON 19TH MAY YA!!!!! :wong22::wong22::wong22::wong22::wong22::wong22: May all ur wishes come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing both of u best of health, happy always + STRIKE LOTTERY arrr!!!!! enjo urself tomolo ya!!!! :wong4::wong4::wong4...
  13. lawla12

    wad excuse did u use when going for check-up

    juz wondering did u all tell ur boss the truth when applying leave for gynae check-ups ??? for my 1st IUI, i took 1 week hopsitalisation leave (b4 my IUI n after)......i din tell my company/boss the truth cos i scare they wont recognise the MC n ask me to take my own leave........ i told...
  14. lawla12

    排排站、查查看 3

    yoo... i paste all the shops tat were showed yaaaa Episode 1 S1 – 成美食 营业时间:11am-9pm,每天营业 Blk 724, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-31, S560724 S2 – 喜相逢 营业时间:7am-7pm,星期日休息 Blk 724, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-23,S560724 S3 – 食为先香港点心 营业时间:6.30am-5pm,星期二休息 Blk 119, Aljunied Crescent, #01-06, S308119...
  15. lawla12

    anyting tat i MUST grab in L.A/

    heard coach bags r cheaper there..... colleagues oso ask me to help them buy baby gap, osh kosh...... frds say nike,fossil, addidas watches r USD $10-$20....... wad else arr ?????
  16. lawla12

    Bakerzin 50% off for cookies & cream cheesecakes!!!

    DROOLINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG :o16::o16::o16::o16::o16: SOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST GRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to BAKERZIN
  17. lawla12

    Which is ur fav fastfood?

    kekekekee.....i like ALL yaaaaaaaa Mac - twister fries, nuggets, sundaes KFC - orginal chkn Long John - their fried chkn BK - chkn sandwich burger Pizzahut - haiiwan pizzzzaaaaa Carls Jr - EVYTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL i misssssssssssssss A&W their root beer float n curly...
  18. lawla12

    Jetstar promotion

    Fyi, jetstar is having promotion during lunch 11am-2pm evy alternate wed here's today deal :tlaugh: Wednesdays, Lunchtime Madness
  19. lawla12

    Gifts under $20 for colleagues

    any idea ????? :err: its always a HEADACHE when it comes to those Xmas exchange presents...... :wong10:
  20. lawla12

    cant load the threads

    how come i cant load tat MummySG Night Owls Club thread arrr ?? i keep refreshing it, but it juz cant load leh.... izzi my company internet access smting wrong arr ?